UPDATE: The proposal has been officially approved by Particl stakeholder through an on-chain vote. Thank you all for your trust and confidence! Read more about the voting outcome here.

As the third funding cycle for our team comes to a close, we are publishing a fourth funding request today. This will ensure the continued growth of the Particl project and support the wide-ranging operations of the team. This blog post will outline the proposal and our objectives for the forthcoming months.

Team Funding Request 4 by cryptoguard · Pull Request #19 · particl/ccs-proposals
SummaryThis proposal is a funding request by the Particl team. It requests 35,250 PART per month from the treasury fund for a period of 12 months after which the team will submit a new funding req...

The funding proposal is now live on the CCS platform for discussion. Voting will start soon and will last for 5,040 blocks, which equates to roughly one week. You'll be notified a few days in advance of the block number that initiates the voting period. To review the proposal and provide your comments, click on this link.

Reminder: The CCS platform is open to all. You, and anyone else, can submit proposals to request treasury funds to back projects and initiatives that contribute positively to the Particl ecosystem.

Table of Contents

Progress Since the Third Funding Cycle

A year ago, the Particl team received its third round of funding from the treasury, approved by Particl stakeholders. Since then, we've made substantial strides across all aspects of the Particl ecosystem, particularly in regards to BasicSwap DEX, our latest privacy-first and pro-liberty dApp.

Here's a snapshot of our accomplishments and noteworthy news since the initiation of the third funding cycle.

Items in Progress and Current Main Priorities

In addition to the aforementioned completed milestones, we’re currently actively working on a couple of major items that align with Particl's ultimate vision. Our objective is to complete or make major progress on these during the forthcoming funding cycle while simultaneously working on various smaller deliverables.

  • Getting PART listed on better exchanges to ease access into the ecosystem and improve general market health
  • Web framework and integration layer for BasicSwap DEX and Particl Marketplace
  • Seller app (Particl Marketplace)
  • Messaging layer agnosticism for BasicSwap DEX
  • New coin integrations into BasicSwap
  • SMSG 2.0 (still in research phase, not in active development)
Note: Just like any roadmap or medium-term planning, modifications to our plans may occur due to a variety of factors, such as, among others, emerging opportunities and changes in funding scenarios or team composition adjustments.

The Funding Request in Detail

  • Funding request: 35,250 PART (monthly)
  • Duration: 12 months

This funding request proposes a monthly claim of 35,250 PART from the Treasury Fund for a 12-month period to support the Particl team and fund its operations. Following the end of this period, the proposal will need to be renewed and receive the approval of Particl stakeholders once again to claim further funds.

As with the previous proposal, the team has chosen to claim funds for an entire year to ensure steady support for current endeavors and ease the logistics associated with potential external funding possibilities and hiring processes.

Funding Distribution Breakdown

Given the current PART price, the funds requested in this proposal are primarily allocated to fund the ongoing development cycle at the current pace, as well as cover various operational expenses.

Should the PART price and liquidity improve, any additional coins will be accumulated in the team’s reserves to be directed towards financing a variety of marketing, communications, community, and outreach efforts to enhance the ecosystem and its dApps. An example of such endeavour was Particl's recent participation at both Monerotopia and Monerokon a few months ago.

Note: All funds voted to be allocated to the Particl team are held and managed by SoonTM Development Ltd, an independent software development company.

Regarding External Funding

The Particl team is exploring several external funding options and is continuously assessing various proposals we receive related to third-party market liquidity or capital injections. This aims to supplement the funds drawn from the network's treasury by either providing non-PART funds to the team or building a healthier PART landscape and a more liquid market environment for everyone.

While we remain flexible and open to innovative solutions in this aspect, we are acutely aware of any potential impacts such initiatives could have on the project, market, and community. Thus, we're taking a cautious and deliberate approach, and cannot provide any guarantees regarding the outcomes of these initiatives if none ultimately prove beneficial to the project and its community.

Note: This proposal has been created under the assumption that no external funds will be raised, and it is sufficient to cover the team’s fundamental ongoing expenses

How to Vote

To cast your vote for this proposal, we recommend using the partyman cold staking application and register your vote on the blockchain for proposal #19.

You have the options to abstain (0), vote in favor (1), or vote against (2). Every vote matters, and we strongly encourage you to participate as a higher participation rate means a broader consensus and healthier decision-making process for the whole community.

Voting on Proposals | Particl Project Wiki
Voting on Proposals
Important: For the proposal to show up on Partyman, make sure you are running the latest version of Partyman. To do so, run git pull from inside your partyman folder, and then type the ./partyman update command from that same partyman folder.

To read the official proposal, visit its dedicated page on the CCS platform by following this link. The proposal is open for discussion for approximately one week, and so we encourage you to leave your feedback or comments directly on the CCS page during this period.

As per our usual practice, the schedule for the proposal's voting period will be announced a few days prior to its commencement across all standard Particl channels.

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