Over the weekend, we've released Particl Desktop 3.3.1 on mainnet. It fixes a marketplace bug that prevented orders from being accepted or updated along with a few other fixes and improvements as well.

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Release Particl Desktop v3.3.1 · particl/particl-desktop

For those unfamiliar with Particl, we highly recommend exploring the Particl Academy as an informative guide and resource for using Particl Desktop and the Particl Marketplace.

Open Particl Academy


  • Your wallet needs to be unlocked to process buy and sell orders on the marketplace.
  • If you spot any issue, bug, or area of improvement, please report it directly on the Github Issues page.

Advanced Start-up

For those interested, launching the application via the terminal offers real-time log data. Note that version 3.3 and onward include logs in their respective files, as indicated in the changelog at the bottom of this article.

Alternatively, MacOS and Windows users can start the application by double-clicking the executable, while Linux users who've installed Particl Desktop via DEB or RPM can launch it from the system launcher.


  1. Open "Windows Explorer"
  2. On the installation folder (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Particl Desktop\Particl Desktop") Press [SHIFT⇧]+[MOUSE-RIGHT◳] and choose "Open command window here"
  3. Type the following command including the quotation marks into the terminal and hit [ENTER ↵] "Particl Desktop.exe"


  1. Open "Terminal"
    (e.g. [COMMAND ⌘] + [SPACE] and type terminal > hit [ENTER ↵])
  2. Type in this command and hit [ENTER ↵]:
    /Applications/Particl\ Desktop.app/Contents/MacOS/Particl\ Desktop


  1. Open a terminal in the folder where you’ve installed the application and type the following command and hit [ENTER ↵]:

List of Changes (Changelog)


  • Allow switching between test and regtest networks when the app is in testing mode.
  • Force change SMSG wallet to the current active wallet when the selected wallet changes (the marketplace does this already, but this ensures that the correct wallet is always used for sending SMSG messages even when outside of the marketplace).


  • Fixes balance updates in Overview not updating correctly when a new block is received.
  • Updates the cold staking info when a new block is received (ensures the cold staking percentage details are updated correctly now after a block is available).
  • Only show the 'abandon transaction' button on the transaction history tables when the transaction was a send transaction (no point in trying to abandon a received transaction, for example).


  • Updates particl-market to fix a breaking bug in the buy-flow (accepting an order and subsequent steps would fail).
  • Only show the sidebar warnings (wallet unlock, profile backup) once the market service has actually started.
  • On starting the marketplace, use the current active wallet if the wallet is a marketplace identity and no default is set (and multiple market identities are enabled); this means switching between wallet and market modules 'remembers' the current wallet instead of reverting back to the default particl-market wallet on each market load when another market wallet was already selected.
  • Updates the help text for the wallet locked indicator in the sidebar, and clicking on the indicator now opens the wallet unlock modal.

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