We’re very excited to announce that the Particl team will be attending and participating in Monerotopia 2023, in Mexico City on May 6-7!

This is the second edition of the conference organized by the industry-renowned MoneroTalk hosts Douglas Tuman and Sunita Chakraborti, and the first edition committed to inviting non-Monero projects with an uncompromising vision for privacy and liberty.

Monerotopia 2023 - Monerotopia 2023
Monerotopia 2023 Mexico City Event!

Mostly focused on Monero, but with a few other privacy-centric projects and individuals also invited, you’ll find there some of the greatest, most dedicated minds in the industry and a slew of other projects and freedom fighters, all united under the commonly shared mission of preserving our rights to privacy.

For more information about the conference and the most up-to-date list of participants and speakers, please visit Monerotopia’s website.

Make a Stop at the Particl Table

Throughout the duration of the event, the Particl team will be operating a "booth" at the Privacy Loft from which we’ll showcase the synergy between some of our products, — Particl Marketplace and BasicSwap DEX — and the various privacy-oriented projects and individuals in attendance at the conference.

If you plan on coming to the conference, make sure to stop by our booth and come chat with us!

Dr. Kap on Stage

Additionally, Particl advisor Dr. Kap will be speaking live on stage at the event and showcase the potential of BasicSwap DEX and the Particl Marketplace to the conference participants.

The talk will cover our mission and the connection between our products and the slew of other privacy-oriented projects that will be featured at the event.

More specifically, we will examine our agnostic, modular, and open-access approach, and detail how it is poised to play a significant role in protecting freedoms by unifying the various projects dedicated to privacy in an entirely independent, pro-liberty economic system.

Get 10% Off of Your Ticket

If you’re interested in joining us, along with all the great minds present at what is sure to be one of the most important and relevant privacy-centered events of the year, then simply navigate to Monerotopia’s website and buy your tickets today, with either the BasicSwap or Particl codes to get 10% off!

See you in Mexico! 👋

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