We are happy to announce that we’ve just released the v0.3 draft of Particl’s ecosystem-wide whitepaper on Github.

Note: The whitepaper can be obtained directly via the provided link, or accessed through Particl's GitHub repository or the footer section of the Particl website.

Although not an academic paper in itself, its goal is to provide a comprehensive yet technical overview of the Particl ecosystem, its many components, and the synergy between them to an audience that wants to get the full picture. It gives a broad overview of the platform and articulates its vision in terms of the project's trajectory.

As such, it is an ideal resource for those eager to understand Particl more extensively, and a useful general point of reference.

This whitepaper is designated as a v0.3 draft and is intended to be a continuously evolving document. Subsequent versions of the whitepaper will be released as Particl advances through its lifecycle, particularly during the new development cycle that will grant it a more flexible and open structure, and as we release new dApps and services.

We hope that you enjoy reading through this documentation, and we encourage you to share it with anyone who may be passionate by Particl's mission and vision of an independent, privacy-first, and pro-liberty digital economy open to all!

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