Today, at 5PM UTC, the annual coin emission rate of the Particl blockchain has successfully been reduced by 1%, as was scheduled via hard-coding into the blockchain by the hardfork of the 12th of July, 2021.

Hardfork Successful! (July 2021)
Get a summary of what this hardfork introduces, a full update on the output claim process, and learn how to re-enable disabled coins.

This brings the annual rate down to 7%, a reduction from the previous 8%, with the next coin emission rate decrease slated for the 12th of July, 2025, at 5PM UTC, further reducing the rate to 6%.

What's the Impact?

This emission rate reduction means that the Particl blockchain now produces a diminished annual inflation rate. This change is evident in the fewer number of coins generated each time a block is staked.

Prior to the decrease, the staking process was generating approximately 2.02 PART. This figure has now been revised to approximately 1.76 PART per block (see the first post-decrease block here).

Keep in mind that Particl's staking protocol (PPoS) splits the staking rewards awarded on the network (more info here), with half of them being allocated to the network treasury and the remaining half distributed to stakers.

Next Coin Emission Rate Decrease

The next coin emission rate reduction is hard-coded in the blockchain to occur on the 12th of July, 2025, at 5PM UTC. This will bring the rate down to 6% and will remain at this level unless a new hardfork dictates a change.

As is the current practice, the staking rewards will continue to be divided, with half awarded to the network treasury, and the remaining half distributed to stakers.

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