A month ago, we launched a community Particl slogan contest to tap into the thoughts of our community and to see how the project is generally being perceived. With more than 100 submissions, and based on community suggestions, we narrowed down the slogans up for the community vote to 25 finalists.

The time has now arrived to announce the winners! You can follow the link at the bottom of this blog post to read all of the submitted slogans and see the full results.

  • 1st place: Tom — Particl, Some Parts are Better Unseen
  • 2nd place: BlockBoii — Where Privacy Matters
  • 3rd place: Vinniepinnie123 — Particularly Private

The winners will be contacted throughout the day by Cryptoguard directly on the forum to receive their prize. Once again, we would like to thank all of you who have either submitted a slogan or voted! There’s been a lot of creative ideas and a great turnout, we look forward to making more of these kinds of contests again in the future!

Particl Slogan Contest
Update: Due to popular demand on the chatrooms as well as in this thread, and due to a large number of submissions, we…particl.community