As many of you already know, Particl is now available for hardware storage on Ledger Nano S devices. Moreover, it is also possible to activate cold staking on your Ledger device, meaning your cold staking setup can now be upgraded with all the perks a hardware device offers such as having your funds protected even when transacting from an infected or compromised computer.

We published around two months or so ago a tutorial on how to enable cold staking on your Ledger Nano S device, but we’ve received a lot of request from the community to publish a video tutorial.

In this video tutorial, Christina, Particl’s Social Media Coordinator, and Paul, Particl’s Communications Director, team up to show you how to set up your Ledger Nano S device with Particl and to activate cold staking on the device. Although not an overly complicated process, this video tutorial will walk you through every step of the process and will address any potential issue you might encounter along the way.

So now’s the time to go ahead and enjoy all the benefits from the world’s most secure Proof-of-Stake protocol! You can never be too careful.