As we prepare for the Particl platform launch we want to ensure the smoothest launch possible and we want to say “Thank You” to everyone who has already prepared their first Particl wallet following our quick 10 minute guide.

This is extremely important as your PART tokens will automatically be distributed to these addresses when mainnet launches. To date, 77% of our funding contributors have set their receiving address up which is fantastic! We’re hoping to have >90% of you set this up before we launch so it reduces the extra load on the team to manually distribute tokens after launch.

Still need to set up wallet? START HERE:

Alternative guides:

Current statistics:

  • 1278 out of 1660 contributors have created their first PART address — 77%
  • 5,392,986 PART is linked to receiving addresses — 75.7%
  • 123,532 PART has been donated by contributors for Community Initiative #1
  • 24,706 PART (20%) has been pledged by foundation as a match for this fund
  • Claims: 146 applications and 235,000 SDC in claims

Thank you,

Particl Team