Happy New Year Particl!

A year of BUIDLing for the future — not one to forget.

End-of-year retrospectives are fabulous ways to look back at all the hard work, trials, testing and victories claimed by the our team and community growing out of our privacy platform by our open source project called Particl.

If you haven’t had a chance to read our year one retrospective it’s a good primer for what foundational privacy work was released last year to hopefully ensure Particl’s development could be as successful as possible.

I’ve already begun to see year end reviews of projects with somber titles like, “Ethereum’s Year In Review: One To Forget”. You’ll find no such remorse here!

Sure, the market sentiment in the space is low, but with the team’s heads down BUIDLing, I would like to now share all we (collectively) have accomplished and let you be the judge how 2018 for Particl was.

Index: Roadmap Review | Development | Peer Ratings | Team Growth

Particl Roadmap Review and Updates

We thought it’d be cool to go over where our roadmap is right now.

  • Some of the great things we delivered in 2018.
  • Plus some of stuff we’re finishing up and working towards in 2019.

We hit the ground running with drama in week one that, in retrospect, looked like foreshadowing of the year ahead.


  • 01:36 | Spectre/Meltdown

Particl’s Cold Staking puts Meltdown/Spectre Exploit on Ice
You might have noticed some trending hashtags on Twitter the last 48 hours — #Meltdown #Spectre. Without getting into…particl.news

  • 03:49 | Particl Roadmap

Particl.io * Privacy-focused Decentralized Applications
Particl provides a decentralized privacy platform with a suite of tools to enhance your online privacy * Private…particl.io

  • 04:15 | Stealth Addresses V2
  • 05:00 | Ledger

Particl Introduces Hardware Cold Staking
Update [10–08–2018]: The tutorial for cold staking from your Ledger Nano S is is now available on our Wiki! Simply head…particl.news

  • 06:18 | Open Marketplace ALPHA

Particl Marketplace (alpha) just released and available for testing!
With this update, we've prepared a quick walkthrough to introduce you to the new features Particl Desktop offers.particl.news

  • 07:35 | Open Marketplace BETA
  • 08:38 | Marketplace Governance & Proposals

Decentralized Project Governance Update
As we’ve highlighted in our third Community Update, the Particl team has begun working on the initial version of the…particl.news

  • 09:18 | RingCT
  • 13:51 | Bulletproofs
  • 14:26 | Open Source

Particl Core and Desktop 1.3 are released
Today, Particl Core was released on the heels of Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 released yesterday.particl.news

  • 16:26 | Marketplace Governance

Marketplace | Community Test Build 2018–11–28
Particl development teams have been hard at work adding additional features and interface experiences to Particl…particl.news

  • 17:43 | Multi-Wallet
  • 18:34 | Private Markets
  • 20:08 | Open Marketplace BETA
  • 22:01 | SDK
  • 24:22 | Particl Copay App
  • 26:00 | Bulletproofs
  • 28:23 | AMA Schedule
  • 29:02 | Cold Staking Pools

Cold Staking Pool Interface Released!
Today is the day we release the long-awaited cold staking pool user interface! While these pools have now been…particl.news

  • 31:54 | Marketing Events
  • 34:38 | Token 2049 & Consensus 2019

Particl is Going to Hong Kong’s TOKEN 2049 Conference
Directly in line with our “boots-on-the-ground” intention of being present at more conferences around the world…particl.news

2018 Development Video Montage

2018 has been a big year for Particl in terms of development.

Here is an animation showcasing the astounding work that’s been done throughout the year!

2018 Development Ratings by third-party services


Particl Team grew 85% stronger in 2018

To wrap up I think it’s fitting to talk team dynamics, working on a decentralized team with peers around the world and traveling in the opposite direction of many crypto projects.

It starts with our stellar team. By the close of 2018 we had added a total of 10 new team members during the year. We had some turn over, yes, but the team only got stronger last year with the new faces.

The new roles crossed many disciplines:

  • Cryptoguard — Lead Community Manager, Communications
  • Christina — Social Media Coordinator
  • Desi-rae — CryptoRamble (YouTube), Education & Awareness
  • Lina — Lead Event Coordinator & Community Evangelist
  • Peter — Developer
  • Shubham — Developer
  • Arnold — Developer
  • Viv — Scrum Master / Project Manager
  • Carmen — Product Owner
  • Rob — Developer

Building a culture of unity miles and miles away from one another.

One of the challenges of working solo the majority of one’s day becomes connecting with peers away from the computer screen. There are tools that allow us to talk all day long, but real relationships only happen face to face.

To that end, our team made a promise to come together every 3 months throughout 2018 and build camaraderie—laugh out loud together. This manifested itself as 3 trips to somewhat central locations for combined meetings and team building activities.

After Zurich, Prague and Jeffreys Bay, the results are undeniable. #BePART

We are family!

2019 is going to be a great year!

Particl Team