In the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency, the quest for seamless and practical decentralized commerce solutions remains a driving force. Although this is a self-evident use case for crypto, comprehensive solutions to use decentralized money as money, without relying on heavily centralized architecture, is lacking.

While achieving this goal has proven challenging, this article explores how integrating BasicSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) that offers Litecoin pairs, into Particl Marketplace, a decentralized e-commerce platform, offers a solution to overcome many user experience obstacles that have come to hinder the evolution of cryptocurrencies as a medium of payment.

By providing multi-currency support to the decentralized e-commerce ecosystem, this upcoming integration offers a tangible path forward for many coins, unlocking the potential for widespread cryptocurrency usage in everyday retail transactions.

With this in mind, Litecoin, with its focused push as a payment currency, serves as the perfect candidate to illustrate this transformative potential, allowing anyone to use Litecoin for shopping.

Litecoin; Faster and Cheaper Transactions

Litecoin has garnered significant attention for its faster transaction times and lower fees compared to Bitcoin – a stark contrast to the latter's reputation for sluggish and costly processing. This, from the beginning, has positioned Litecoin as an ideal cryptocurrency for payments and commerce. Recognizing its strengths in speed and affordability, the Litecoin community has been actively promoting its adoption as a practical and viable payment solution for years now.

Litecoin MWEB and Privacy: Solidifying Litecoin as True Digital Cash

Litecoin's MWEB (MimbleWimble Extension Blocks) introduces a significant improvement to an already payment-friendly digital currency: transactional privacy. This brings confidential transactions and privacy features to the Litecoin network, a pivotal development poised to solidify its positioning as true digital cash and a viable currency for payments.

Privacy is, of course, a crucial aspect in the realm of digital payments, as it safeguards users' and businesses' financial information and promotes fungibility – a fundamental characteristic of sound money.

Particl Marketplace: Redefining Decentralized E-Commerce

While transactional privacy is paramount, it is also crucial for the platform facilitating such payments to uphold privacy as well.

Envision this scenario: you send a private payment using Litecoin MWEB or even Monero to purchase an item online. However, you later discover that this platform has been collecting user data and subsequently fell victim to a data breach, exposing your shipping information, shopping history, along with addresses and payment details to an attacker. An absolute nightmare, even if the initial payment was conducted through a private transaction.

This underscores the fact that private payments alone are insufficient to completely safeguard your shopping habits and selling history. This fact stands as a premise for the design of Particl Marketplace.

Particl Marketplace is a decentralized, privacy-focused e-commerce platform built using blockchain and peer-to-peer technology. Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or Alibaba, Particl Marketplace operates without intermediaries, ensuring secure and private transactions between users, free from fees or restrictions. Buyers and sellers transact directly, benefiting from a two-party escrow system that protects both parties and keeps all trade information private to the involved parties only.

Using Litecoin for Shopping on Particl Marketplace Soon to be Available

While the platform's unapologetically decentralized nature and privacy features make it an attractive alternative to centralized e-commerce platforms (which often face censorship, data breaches, and other vulnerabilities), it is currently limited to using PART, Particl's native cryptocurrency, as the settlement currency. This is due to PART’s unique technology being an integral component in enabling some of the marketplace's unique features in the first place.

BasicSwap DEX: Enabling Multi-Currency Payments

Litecoin MWEB Balances and Conversions Live on BasicSwap DEX
Litecoin MimbleWimble balances and balance conversions are now live on BasicSwap DEX, a first step towards full MWEB swaps.

BasicSwap DEX is a decentralized exchange protocol and platform powered by atomic swaps and SecureMessaging Network (SMSG), a distributed data and messaging protocol (often referred to as a “mixnet”). It offers a non-custodial and privacy-first trading experience, enabling trustless cross-chain swaps between different cryptocurrencies across various blockchains. And just like Particl Marketplace, it imposes no fees, restrictions, or data collection practices.

And while it has always included Litecoin since its inception, it recently integrated MWEB balances, paving the way for full MWEB swaps once Litecoin's upcoming core update — which will detect incoming Litecoin transactions using only the viewkey without requiring the spendkey — goes live.

Trade Litecoin on BasicSwap DEX (Litecoin DEX)

By integrating BasicSwap into Particl Marketplace, alternative payment options are introduced at the time of checkout, allowing users to seamlessly pay for items using their preferred cryptocurrency, a prime candidate of which being the fast and private Litecoin MWEB token.

This synergy aligns perfectly with Litecoin's vision of becoming a viable and practical form of digital cash, providing an additional real-world use case that further solidifies its position.

Building Bridges Between Cryptocurrencies

The upcoming integration of BasicSwap and Litecoin MWEB on Particl Marketplace exemplifies BasicSwap's broader mission of forging bridges between diverse cryptocurrency communities and projects through its cross-chain functionality. This synergy unites our efforts toward a shared vision of building a global economy that prioritizes sovereignty and interoperability - the great promise of crypto.

By enabling the use of Litecoin on Particl Marketplace, BasicSwap fosters a symbiotic relationship that holds immense promise. Cultivating interoperability between the two ecosystems will accelerate the adoption of Litecoin as a practical, decentralized, and privacy-focused payment solution, while further positioning Particl as an enabler of financial activities beyond simple peer-to-peer transactions.

If you share this vision, we invite you to join the Particl and BasicSwap community as we build towards a sovereign future and contribute to the mission, whether through code or spreading awareness within the Litecoin community itself. As the economy is fundamentally a social phenomenon, every contribution, big or small, propels us forward.

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