Ever since we introduced Particl’s new senior developer, Robert Edwards, he’s been relentlessly working on Particl Copay, Particl’s mobile application, and started making a lot of upgrades to it on Github. This development update will explain in more details what is being worked into Particl Copay and what can be expected from the next few versions of Particl’s mobile application.

Mobile Cold Staking

One of the big feature being coded into Particl Copay is the long-awaited cold staking capabilities. In fact, it will soon be possible to connect your funds to a cold staking node directly from your mobile application and help secure the network while growing your PART stash at the same time. Note that, in this case, the Particl Copay mobile wallet won’t be the device actually staking. The update will only enable the possibility to cold stake your funds held on Particl Copay by delegating its staking power to a cold staking node.

Multi-Signature Cold Staking

What if Particl’s Proof-of-Stake algorithm could be taken yet to another level? This is what this next feature is going to do! Not only will Particl Copay’s cold staking update introduce the ability to connect your mobile wallet to a cold staking node, but it will also introduce multi-signature cold staking. This will allow you to stake your funds held in multi-sig addresses, requiring you to have access to more than one device to successfully authorize and execute a transaction.

For the time being, this will only be compatible with Copay devices. This may or may not change in the future, although the team has already identified ways to make it compatible with Ledger hardware devices. As this feature requires a hardfork, it won’t be included in the next update of Particl Copay.

iOS Support

Another long-awaited feature for Particl’s mobile wallet is official support for iOS. As many of you know, especially iPhone users, Particl Copay hasn’t been available on iOS since its inception, but that’s about to change! The mobile application has already started to see its code being upgraded to be compatible with iOS and, at that point, we are only waiting for Apple to confirm Particl’s Apple Developer Account. When that’s done, we’ll be able to publish the application on the App Store whenever the update is ready to go live! This compatibility update should be available in the next version of Particl Copay.

Multi-Currency Support

A very useful feature that’s gonna be included in the next update is the ability to hold different coins in Particl Copay without having to use multiple wallet applications. Indeed, once the update goes live, Particl Copay will have support for Particl, but also Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This should prove very useful whenever Particl’s Open Marketplace starts accepting Bitcoin payments! This update will be available in the next version of Particl Copay.

UI/UX Improvement

Those of you already using Particl Copay will notice it right away, this update will introduce several UI/UX improvements all over the app. There is not much to say about this in particular other than the fact that the mobile application has been improved visually and will offer all of its new features within a very user-friendly and intuitive environment. This update will be available in the next version of Particl Copay.


Various types of notifications will also be introduced in this update. Whether it be incoming or outgoing transactions, staking rewards, or multi-sig transaction requests, the mobile app will now notify you whenever something happens within the app. This update will be available in the next version of Particl Copay.

Copay Wallet Emptying Vulnerability Fix

While the current version of Particl Copay isn’t affected by the newly discovered exploit that allowed attackers to empty Bitcoin Copay wallets due to a faulty Node.js module, this exploit has been revealed to be effective on recent versions of Bitcoin Copay. This critical vulnerability will be fixed and not be present in the new Particl Copay version.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this new Particl Copay update. This will bring much needed and requested features to the mobile application and really make this wallet a powerful tool both in terms of utility and security. Since this is just a development update and not a proper announcement blog post, we recommend you to watch the developments being made to the mobile application by going on its Github repository, or to simply keep an eye on our blog for any future release announcement.

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