With the week coming to an end, we’ve prepared a new Particl V3 progress update we’d like to share with you. It highlights all the progress made over Particl V3 and indicates what the items that are going to be focused on next week and beyond are.

Note that, primarily due to the focus on fixing minor issues around the new testnet build, there is not much new stuff to report on. Primary work has been troubleshooting, debugging, and fixing bugs and issues identified with the new testnet build of Particl V3.

Progress may appear to be slow, but despite appearances, there is steady progression. For example, there have been at least two bugs found (and subsequently corrected) during the investigation of another bug that was reported.

In addition, while the below items don't appear to have changed much since last week, these are the bigger issues and finding, correcting, and testing them is expected to take some time.

Without further ado, here is a list of the items currently in progress and those remaining.

Note: Some items that were present in the last progress report are not included in this one. In all cases, that’s because they have been successfully completed.

In Progress

Windows startup bug

A zmq.node error causes startup problems for some Windows users. The issue makes launching and properly using Particl V3 impossible for these users. This is a Particl Desktop specific change.

Issue With Flagging of Duplicate Listings

An issue related to the new testnet build has been logged on Github. In some circumstances, listings may appear as duplicates, leading to Particl Desktop being unable to flag both listings. This is currently being investigated and corrected.

More details regarding this issue by following this link: https://github.com/particl/particl-desktop/issues/1773

Note: A fix has been implemented for this issue. Testing is currently underway

Issue With Bids Failing but Still Locking Funds for Escrow

An issue identified by the community causes, in some circumstances, bids to fail but still lead to coins being "soft-locked" (or reserved) for escrow.

More details regarding this issue by following this link: https://github.com/particl/particl-desktop/issues/1777

Add a Governance Informational Section to Particl Desktop

Introduce an informational governance section to Particl Desktop to display proposals, voting progression, and results. This won’t allow you to vote directly on proposals, at least not yet, but it provides information on how to vote as well as information regarding upcoming, current, and past proposals (and their voting results).

The basic implementation of this module has now been drawn up and is waiting to be implemented. There may still be additional iterations required, but this item is progressing well with no obstacle so far.

To Be Completed Next

Any New Particl V3 Bug

Any reported bug from the new Particl V3 testnet build will get immediate priority to ensure the client is stable and ready for mainnet release as fast as possible.

If you encounter any issue while testing Particl V3, please report it to the Github Issue page of the particl-desktop repository. This page is located here.

Delete a Product From the Inventory

This will let you delete products from your inventory if you don’t want them to be displayed anymore. This is both a particl Desktop and market back-end specific change.

Marketplace Orders Export Functionality

Adding a CSV export tool for orders from the Market > Sell > Orders page is currently being explored. This would enable sellers to export useful order information that might benefit from being fed into other stock systems.

This item has been temporarily de-prioritized due to this week's launch of the new Particl V3 testnet build and the focus on newly reported issues from the testnet. The developers will circle back to this item very shortly.

Now that the new Particl V3 testnet build is out, we need all hands on deck to find any bug, issue, or potential improvement before going live on mainnet. We've already received a few bug reports from the community and they've been helpful in identifying other connected problems as well!

If you encounter any issue while testing Particl V3, please report it to the Github Issue page of the particl-desktop repository. This page is located here.

As always, we want to thank you all for your continued support and dedication to Particl’s vision! You are all what makes this project possible. Stay awesome!

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