The vote for the first-ever protocol consensus changing proposal has now begun. Indeed, the Decentralized Treasury Model CCS proposal is now merged into the voting phase and you can now vote using Partyman or your favorite Particl client.

This blog post will explain everything you need to know about it, including setting up your Particl node to vote for the proposal.

Voting Period's Details

"proposalid": 8,
"name": "Decentralized Treasury Model",
"network": "mainnet",
"blockheight_start": 946184,
"blockheight_end": 956263,
"link-ccs": "",
"link-github": "",
"version": 1

The vote for the Decentralized Treasury Model proposal is now live. Because this proposal requires a protocol consensus changing vote, it will last from block 946,184 to 956,263 (10,080 blocks, or roughly 2 weeks).

Note: If you plan on voting using Partyman, you don't need to remember the block number and ID. All the information is readily provided right from the app within a user-friendly process.

How to Vote

Voting on Proposals | Particl Project Wiki
Voting on Proposals
Important: For the proposal to show up on Partyman, make sure you are running the latest version of Partyman. To do so, run git pull from inside the partyman folder.

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