Another week, another progress report! This week, the main focus has, again, been on fixing the last few issues standing between now and the mainnet release of Particl V3.

Indeed, the community has been hard at work reporting issues, giving feedback, and leaving comments both on Github and in private messages to the team. This has led to the discovery of new issues and areas of improvement which have been in the process of being worked on.

For the purpose of this week's progress report, we've separated the outstanding issues into two categories: minor issues and potentially more serious ones.

Minor issues are small issues that primarily improve the user experience, while "serious issues" are defined by behaviors that, if left unfixed, could cause more headaches.

Note: "Serious issues" are not necessarily issues that require more time to fix; they are only defined by what sort of problems they can cause if not corrected.

In Progress

Minor Issues

  • The error message when accepting an order request and the seller has insufficient funds should indicate as much, but it turns out that the error message sometimes displays the generic 'Order update failed' message.
  • Very long messages provided by the buyer or seller seem to overflow the box and get cut off. This is specific to some OS's and could lead to missing important information.
  • Posting a listing with images doesn't warn the user about insufficient UTXOs (despite having sufficient funds) if that's the case. This can be confusing and doesn't indicate to the user what the issue is.

More Serious Issues

  • Finding a valid fix for the ZMQ node library that we're using is still an outstanding task. When fixed, this is going to enable Particl Desktop to be compatible with the privacy-centric Whonix OS. This allows Particl V3 to be used from a Tor-only environment.
  • The MP service needs a means of gracefully shutting down. Currently, the process simply terminates, which can lead to potential issues in some edge cases.
  • There's an issue that can occur under a specific set of circumstances where the posting of a template removes the template hash, leading to problems with accepting bids.

Once again, we thank you for your incredible help in this testnet round. We've received many comments, feedback, and issue reports that are tremendously helpful in fine-tuning Particl V3 and eliminating any potential issue users may encounter. This will ultimately lead to a more stable e-commerce environment with a much better user experience.

Stay tuned as we fix these last outstanding issues and then release Particl V3 live on mainnet!