Time for the weekly Particl V3 progress report! This week, the focus has yet again been on fixing the remaining issues that were identified in the last Particl V3 testnet round.

As was identified in last week’s report, the team has separated the reported issues into two categories; minor issues and more serious ones. We can happily report that all minor issues have been resolved and are either waiting for the code that introduces the fixes to be merged.

The main priority now lies in fixing the “more serious” issues previously identified. Here’s a status update on each of them.

Gracefully Shutting Down the Marketplace

The MP service needs a means of gracefully shutting down. Currently, the process simply terminates, which can lead to potential issues in some edge cases.

There has been a lot of back and forth and iterations for the fix over this particular issue, and a solution has been found. The team is now busy testing the fix properly and tweaking it, as required.

Changing the ZMQ Node Library

The ZMQ node library currently being used causes performance issues for some users and specific OSes. Finding a valid fix or alternative library is still an outstanding task, but when resolved, it will have the added benefit of making Particl Desktop usable on the privacy-centric OS Whonix. This will allow Particl V3 to work within a Tor-only environment for maximal privacy.

This is the next item in line after fixing the “gracefully shutting down the marketplace” item.

Listing Template Hashes Not Properly Saved Under Specific Circumstances

There's an issue that can occur under a specific set of circumstances where the posting of a template removes the template hash, leading to problems with accepting bids.

This is the last item in line and should, unless new issues are identified, be the last one out of the list identified during the last testnet round.

Is Another Testnet Round Coming Up?

Due to the sizable number of issues identified during the last testnet round, the team may issue a new build for one more testing round. This hasn’t been decided yet but is likely.

However, how this testnet round would happen is still up for debate. A smaller-in-scope round may be initiated where certain users (those who’ve encountered specific issues) receive a build to swiftly verify that the fixes address the highlighted issues without any new issue. Of course, we’ll communicate the information about this as soon as it’s available!

A Development Update on Non-V3 Related Items

The Particl team has also been busy working on other non-V3 items. A new Particl Core version will soon be released with a few minor improvements, including a significant improvement in how the cold staking zap system behaves.

Additionally, the majority of the work required to make Particl smoothly compatible with the Trezor hardware wallet has been completed. A lot of testing and merges on Trezor’s end are still required. Note that the current Trezor implementation supports public transactions, but also blind (CT) and anon (RingCT) ones. That’ll mean that it’ll be possible to privately store your PART on Trezor as soon as the full release is live.

Finally, a lot of focus has also been placed on doing research on new roadmap items and exploring their feasibility. We are finalizing the post-v3 roadmap and will be publishing it after Particl V3 releases on mainnet. It includes a lot of exciting items which will go a long way in making Particl much more accessible and easy to use. We’re confident that you will be as excited as we are with the path we’re taking forward and with the short, mid, and long-term vision for both Particl Marketplace and other components of the ecosystem.

We’d like to once again thank everyone who's taken the time to properly test this last testnet. Although a good number of issues have been identified, their associated fixes will ensure a V3 mainnet launch that is smooth and without any bad bump.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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