A new version of Particl Core ( has been released today. It introduces a significant update to the cold staking "zap" script, hardware wallet support for Trezor devices, as well as a good variety of improvements and minor fixes.

Release Particl Core Β· particl/particl-core
Release Notes:https://github.com/particl/particl-core/blob/0.19/doc/release-notes-particl.md#019213Hashes1d43c6f75af5daefdde50376f2cbe4e38a4683e288bbe37c9fadf9aff76ff282 particl-

As always, we highly recommend keeping your node(s) and wallet(s) up-to-date with Particl's latest version. If you're using the cold staking application Partyman, you can update by entering the partyman/partyman update command from your home folder or ./partyman update from inside your partyman folder.

You can verify the full list of additions by checking out the release notes here: https://github.com/particl/particl-core/blob/0.19/doc/release-notes-particl.md#019213

Cold Staking "Zap" Feature Update

The zap feature lets you delegate the entirety of your staking outputs to an external cold staking node. While it has been available for several years, this Particl Core update improves its behavior and adds to it a new, very useful feature.

Indeed, it is now possible to choose whether you want your zap to be more private (doesn't use and mix inputs from different addresses in a single zapping transaction) or instantly get optimal staking performances (default behavior).

It is currently possible to use the improved zap feature on Particl Core (although not directly supported in Particl Qt's wallet interface), but it will only be available on Particl Desktop on the mainnet release of Particl V3. Previous versions of Particl Desktop still work using the older version of the zap feature.

If you want to use the zap script without Particl Desktop, you can use this script that is available on Github: https://github.com/tecnovert/particl_scripts/blob/main/zap.py.

Hardware Support for Trezor Devices

This Particl Core update also adds support for Trezor devices. Please note that our integration is not yet officially supported by Trezor itself, but the new core update provides the code required for it.

The implementation supports incoming blind (CT) and anon (RingCT) transactions, meaning you'll be able to privately send your funds to your device using hardware hardening, but without compromising your privacy while doing so.

Note that, although it supports incoming privacy transactions (from an anon or blind balance to a public balance), the Trezor implementation will itself only support public balances, at least for the initial implementation.

We will communicate more details about official support from Trezor as soon as we can!

Particl Core 0.22 Coming Soon!

Particl's core developer Tecnovert has been catching up with Bitcoin's codebase at lightning-fast pace. In fact, Particl Core has, as of today, caught up to Bitcoin's 0.22 code. That's a great news as it means that any delay in keeping up with Bitcoin's code caused by the unfortunate events earlier this year has now been resolved.

GitHub - tecnovert/particl-core at 22.x
Particl Core integration/staging tree. Contribute to tecnovert/particl-core development by creating an account on GitHub.

As is tradition, and because of security, we will be waiting for the Bitcoin developers to officially push their own 0.22 version to mainnet before doing the same with Particl.

For a list of what Bitcoin's 0.22 release contains, please follow this link: https://github.com/bitcoin-core/bitcoin-devwiki/wiki/22.0-Release-Notes-draft

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