With the week coming to an end, we’ve prepared a new Particl V3 progress report we’d like to share with you.

This week, the primary focus has been fixing the last few remaining issues leading up to the mainnet release of Particl V3. While these are mostly minor issues, they are required to be fixed before the launch.

With all of the above said, let's get down to the progress report.

Note: Some items that were present in the last progress report are not included in this one. In all cases, that’s because they have been successfully completed.

In Progress

  • Looking into the zmq node library that we're making use of. This seems to be the cause of the performance issues some users have reported, as well as causing some runtime/build related issues. There are currently 4 sub-tasks that all tie back into this particular issue.
  • Publishing listings with images when there are insufficient UTXOs to properly publish all listing images, despite there being enough funds available (Github issue: #1786).
  • Re-working the transaction info displayed in the wallet app/module, particularly around anon-fund spending, amongst other related issues (Github issue: #1788)
  • Properly handling the issue with cancelling an order and completing the escrow at the same time in the marketplace (Github issue: #1793).
  • A couple minor other fixes and tweaks; small little issues that have been reported that are relatively minor and quick fixes compared to the above.
I tend to be jumping between all of the above at the moment, so all of them are in some state of progress at least. I'm trying to get them all out and fixed as quickly as possible, but it just takes some time to test and get working. — Arnold Bansemer, Lead Particl Desktop Developer

To Be Completed Next

Mainnet Release of Particl V3

The next step in line after fixing the above issues is launching Particl V3 on mainnet. At the current time, we still expect this current testnet build to be the last one before the release, but if needed, an additional one may be deployed.

As for the release date, the team has an internal target it thinks can be achieved, but we are waiting for the above issues to progress further before communicating publicly. In any case, we will clearly communicate, in advance, the release date so that everyone can prepare and start spreading the good word.

Planning on Selling on the Marketplace?

Do you plan on selling something on Particl Marketplace? You can already prepare yourself in advance to be ready to deploy listings at the very moment Particl V3 launches. All you need to do is download the CSV Inventory File template from Particl Desktop  (SELL -> Inventory & Products -> Import -> CSV file -> CSV example template) and fill it up with your listing details.

Thanks to everyone who has assisted in testing the latest version of Particl V3 on testnet. It has been incredibly helpful in identifying a few last issues. This exercice is very important to ensure a stable, smooth, and secure e-commerce experience.

Stay tuned as we fix the last few items, and then unleash Particl V3 into the wild!

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