With the week coming to an end, we’ve prepared a new Particl V3 progress report we’d like to share with you.

As one would expect from our last Particl V3 progress report and the subsequent testnet release of Particl V3 earlier this week, the developers have been mostly focused on identifying, collecting from community testers, and fixing new issues with Particl V3.

Additionally, as the team is finalizing the post-V3 roadmap, a lot work has also gone into research for new features, functionalities, and deliverables that are planned to be part of it. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the initial planning of an SMSG Manager to provide the basis for a unified SMSG processing section for various app/modules (and prepare for the upcoming migration to SMSG 2.0 later on), a further separation of Particl Desktop and Particl Core, and various other items.

To be noted, you can expect the next couple of weeks to be more heavily research-focused than usual. That’s because the upcoming mainnet release crosses a lot of items from the current roadmap. As Particl jumps into the next phase of its development cycle, a lot of the new, more sizeable roadmap items require proper research into their feasibility, security, privacy, decentralization, and other various implications.

With all of the above said, let's get down to the progress report.

Note: Some items that were present in the last progress report are not included in this one. In all cases, that’s because they have been successfully completed.

In Progress

Any New Particl V3 Bug

Any reported bug from the new Particl V3 testnet build will get immediate priority to ensure the client is stable and ready for mainnet release as fast as possible.

If you encounter any issue while testing Particl V3, please report it to the Github Issue page of the particl-desktop repository. This page is located here.

Research and Experimentation Related to Potential Post-V3 Roadmap Items

Various research and experimentation related to post-V3 roadmap items have begun. This is expected to last for a few weeks as the team is finalizing its post-V3 roadmap, establishing priorities, and so on. We will publicly release the roadmap and the team's vision, goals, and objectives for the foreseeable future very soon.

Stay tune as we’ll push everything, as per usual, through Particl News and our typical communications channels.

To Be Completed Next

Mainnet Release of Particl V3

Particl V3 is currently going through what is expected to be its final testnet round. A few minor issues have been picked up so far by the community, but it still doesn’t appear, at this time, like a new testnet round will be required. Thank you all for your precious help!

Still, we want to reiterate our call for help to all Windows 10 users who couldn’t run previous Particl V3 testnet builds. While the issue appears to have been fixed, we’d like to gather as much feedback as possible from you to ensure that the build works fine over as many different environments as possible.

As we are lining everything up for Particl V3 to go live on mainnet, we will very soon announce its exact release date. Keep an eye on Particl News and other communications channel; the date will be clearly announced in advance so that everybody has the time to prepare and spread the word.

Can you feel it? After months of hard work, Particl V3 is finally ready to be unleashed to the world. And it can’t come at a better time; the world increasingly realizes that it needs it, and that feeling will only get stronger as time passes by.

As a final word for this update, we’d like to mention that if you plan on selling stuff on Particl Marketplace, then we encourage you to download the CSV Inventory File template using the current testnet build by navigating to the SELL / Inventory & Products / Import / CSV File section of Particl Desktop. That’ll allow you to prepare your listings before the mainnet release so that you can get down to business in lightning-fast fashion.

Thanks for the tremendous support throughout the entire development cycle of Particl V3. It can be hard, at times, to quantify the impact of supporting words, but it’s been of great help to all team members and makes all the blood, sweat, and tears that was put into it worth more than anything in the world. Let’s change the world for the better, together!

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