In December 2019, we all embarked on the long and ambitious journey of rewriting Particl Desktop and the vast majority of Particl Marketplace. This would make both of them much easier to use, more flexible, secure, private, and, perhaps more importantly, set the stage for getting adoption from a broader range of audiences. This major and long-awaited upgrade is what is now known as “Particl V3”.

We are excited to announce, today, that Particl V3 is going live, on mainnet, on the 29th of September 2021 at 12:00 UTC!

Thanks to all of you in the community for your support, time, passion, experience, and dedication in helping out, testing, and engaging in constructive conversations that help shape the future of e-commerce and personal liberties. You are what makes Particl's mission possible; our hats are off to you!

Now let's go over a few basic information you need to know in preparation for the mainnet release of Particl V3.

Where will it be available?

Particl V3 refers to the new Particl Desktop (3.0.0) client which gives access to the new Particl Marketplace and community governance module. And so, to use the marketplace, you will need to install the latest version of Particl Desktop, which will be available on the official Particl website and the project’s Github page on the 29th of September 2021 at 12:00 UTC.

What can I do to prepare?

Finalize open orders on previous versions of the marketplace

Particl V3 is the biggest update to Particl ever since the project was launched in 2017. And because the scope of the changes is so large, orders and listings created on previous versions won't be compatible with Particl V3.

For this reason, we highly recommend finalizing any open marketplace order on previous versions. But don’t worry, if you have open orders that you cannot complete at this moment (i.e., the escrow smart-contract is still locked), you’ll be able to switch between Particl Desktop 2.x.x and Particl 3.x.x freely, at any time, to finalize orders even if you’ve started using Particl V3.

Spread the good word around you

With the long-anticipated Particl V3 release now having an official mainnet release date, now’s the time to inform people around you and talk about all the benefits that private and unrestricted e-commerce without middlemen offers.

To support your communication efforts after the release, you'll be able to point potential newcomers to the Particl Academy.

The Particl Academy is Coming!

To support the mainnet release of Particl V3, the Particl Academy will launch on the same day (29th of September 2021 at 12:00 UTC).

The Particl Academy is your guide to becoming an expert in distributed e-commerce with Particl Marketplace. It gives you all the information you need to master Particl V3 and the other components of the Particl ecosystem. It’s a thorough reference book written in simple and straightforward language that anybody can understand.

If you show Particl to someone new, don’t forget to point them to the Particl Academy! That'll let them quickly learn about it and guide them through their first steps.

Subscribe to our Newsletter

If you haven’t already done so, we'd like to invite you to subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss any important news, update, or exclusive content.

Along with the Particl V3 mainnet release, we are re-initiating our newsletter communication. We will be pushing news, stories, and other valuable content through it from now on and subscribing is a perfect way not to miss anything important.

See You on Mainnet!

Particl V3 is the new, more modern foundation on top of which the future of Particl is being built; it's just the beginning!

We also want to remind you to stay tuned as we will release a new, groundbreaking roadmap shortly after the mainnet release of Particl V3. We are convinced that you will be as excited as we are about the path forward. The next few milestones are all about increasing Particl’s accessibility, usability, scalability, and, of course, adoption.

Once again, thank you for your incredible support and confidence throughout the entire development cycle of Particl V3. Positive words, constructive feedback, and discussions are critical to the success of the Particl ecosystem. We are blessed to have you as such a dedicated and passionate community and we're very excited to walk through this journey with you all!

Let’s now make sure to spread the word about the upcoming release to get as many eyes as possible on it, and let’s blast through the next phase of the project. The best is yet to come and it starts on the 29th of this month!

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