The week has come to an end and a wild progress report appears! We've made some good progress on several fronts in the past few days, so let's jump right in.

Particl Desktop Progress Update

This week, the focus has been on not automatically adding the default Open Market marketplace to the application and removing the requirement for the existence of default markets.

In the next Particl Desktop update, it'll be possible to remove any market that has been added (including the Open Market). Previously, this was not possible as the system prevented the removal of any market that was marked as being the default one for that profile. This makes it possible for users to leave markets if they consider, for example, that they have become undesirable and, by doing that, stop receiving data from that market. This modification is now complete and its integration into the GUI is in progress.

Aside from that, the in-market messaging system (allowing buyers and sellers to communicate right from Particl Desktop) is still in progress. We can also report that we've added, this week, a new deliverable to the upcoming Particl Desktop 3.2 release: product codes.

Product codes are unique identifiers attached to individual marketplace listing templates. They let Particl Desktop update already-existing listing templates based on the information contained in CSV files when that information changes (i.e., a new price, description, image, availability, etc). This is different from the current setup where re-importing the same items through CSV files creates duplicates (and quickly bloats a user’s client and reduces performance).

Product codes are essential to the delivery of the Listing Seeding CCS proposal, which you can get familiar with here, and will be an effective solution to one of our most requested improvements suggested by current marketplace sellers.

Particl Core and BasicSwap Progress Update

We are happy to report that Particl Core 22.0 (mind the change of nomenclature) is now pre-released on mainnet! It is based on the latest version of the Bitcoin codebase and introduces a few important back-end changes. For this reason, please note that it uses a new repository for signing releases along with slightly different filenames.

Release Particl Core 22.0.1 Β· particl/particl-core
Release Notes: particl-

If you're a pool operator and want to update your pool to the latest Particl Core version, please follow this link.

We can also announce that Particl Electrum, Particl's upcoming fork of the Electrum wallet, is currently in its final internal testing phase and that we're putting the final touches to it. It should be ready for release very soon!

Listing Seeding CCS Proposal

A while back, a proposal was published on the CCS system by two team members (Cryptoguard and Juha Kovanen). Although this proposal is managed in a personal capacity by their owners and isn't associated with the Particl team officially, we've thought of mentioning an important update that was made to the proposal earlier this week.

Marketplace Listing Seeding Proposal by cryptoguard Β· Pull Request #3 Β· particl/ccs-proposals
SummaryFund the development, maintenance, and management of an automated system to seed Particl Marketplace with thousands of products (and their reviews) and various storefronts. The initiative a...

In short, with product codes coming on Particl Desktop 3.2, the proposal will be ready to be deployed shortly after its release. It will be deployed in various phases, with the first phase focusing on gradually increasing the number of available (real) listings on the marketplace. Follow the link above to read the full update.

As always, we thank you immensely for your passion and dedication to Particl and what it's working towards achieving. None of it would be possible without you all!

We wish you a great weekend we'll see you all back on Monday! πŸ‘‹

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