With the week wrapping up, the time for our weekly progress report has come. This week has been a continuation of the previous endeavors mentioned in the most recent development updates with more time spent on finalizing the details of Particl's upcoming major development cycle coming after Particl Desktop 3.3.

So without further ado, let's jump into the details!

Particl Desktop Progress Report

As we near the release of Particl Desktop 3.2.1, we've been finishing up with the two remaining issues and running tests to ensure their integration. So far, we've picked up a small issue in relation to the Electron dependency update in Particl Desktop, and we'll be addressing that this weekend and going into next week.

Particl Core and BasicSwap Update

Core Codebase Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

Commits Β· tecnovert/particl-core
Particl Core integration/staging tree. Contribute to tecnovert/particl-core development by creating an account on GitHub.

We've been keeping up with upstream updates as part of our ever-ongoing effort to maintain Particl Core up-to-date with Bitcoin's latest version. You can always keep track of those changes by following this link.

BasicSwap πŸ“ˆ

Aside from the usual and steady progress made to the upcoming DEX's user interface, this week we've been exploring different ways to get a Bitcoin node synced up rapidly.

For reference, while BasicSwap connects directly to a Monero public node, it requires a full node for both Bitcoin and Particl to function. And while syncing the Particl blockchain is not so tedious, syncing the whole Bitcoin chain can take quite a lot of time.

And so, to ensure the best user experience and as few adoption obstacles as possible, we've started looking at different options to circumvent that process. At this time, we've identified one solution that would work relatively well and very significantly cut the time required to get BasicSwap ready to swap Bitcoin, but we'd like to test it more before we're ready to announce it.

In other BasicSwap news, we are almost ready to push a bunch of changes to the DEX's protocol that will allow users to pick up multiple orders from the order book or fractions of orders. We are putting the final touches on this update and will be pushing the code shortly!

Planning Ahead for the Upcoming Major Evolutionary Phase of Particl

As we've mentioned in this blog post, we are planning on beginning with Particl's next evolutionary process right after the release of Particl Desktop 3.3. This process will not only introduce a new layer of distributed services to the ecosystem and bring Particl up to par with the expected level of accessibility from Web3 apps, but it will also improve said Web3 in many ways by tackling some of its most urgent issues, as we've highlighted in this Particl Story.

In fact, this upcoming development cycle will change the approach adopted to make the entire ecosystem, and its apps, more accessible for developers, vendors, and customers. It will make it easier to use in general, interoperable with established 3rd party services, which vendors use on their day to day work, and more welcoming to integrate applications from and to the wider Web3 ecosystem and community.

While we are still spending time to finalize the details of this significant evolutionary phase, we are now almost ready to publicly reveal the big plans we've got lined up for Particl going forward and we'll be announcing it very shortly on Particl News with a comprehensive and in-depth blog post.

As always, we thank you immensely for your passion and dedication to Particl and what it's working towards achieving. None of it would be possible without you all!

We wish you a great weekend we'll see you all back on Monday! πŸ‘‹

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