With the release of Particl Desktop 3.2 and its messaging system behind us, it’s time to look into what exactly Particl Desktop 3.3 will bring forth to the table.

First off, we’d like to mention that, following the release of Particl Desktop 3.3, Particl will begin with its next major evolutionary phase by introducing a new layer of distributed services. The concept we've built with Particl Marketplace undoubtedly works, and now it's time to unfold beyond our current scope and expand towards the wider Web3 environment. As we've highlighted recently, Web3 is the promise of an open, decentralized, non-custodial, immutable, and private web environment that is as easy to use as any other web service, but it's currently plagued by many issues which we fully intend on tackling with Particl's next evolutionary phase. More information about what Particl's next evolutionary phase entails will be communicated very shortly here on Particl News.

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But for now, let's take a look at what Particl Desktop 3.3 will bring to the table. This release focuses on improving various back-end processes and improving the client’s user configurability to get Particl Desktop ready for the upcoming new major development cycle.

Particl Desktop 3.3 Items

Before getting into the list of deliverables for Particl Desktop 3.3, we’d like to mention that this list is tentative, meaning that not necessarily all of the items listed here will end up in the next update. In a way, this is more akin to a wishlist than a definitive checklist, but this should give you a good idea of what we’re aiming for with this next update.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the items we’re currently looking into for Particl Desktop 3.3.

Update Particl desktop Dependencies

Mostly a back-end maintenance task, updating the client’s dependencies keeps it up-to-date and ensures security issues don't creep in. Additionally, it makes sure no compatibility issues appear, such as we’ve seen recently with the Fedora/Manjaro OS environments.

Particl Desktop Startup Changes

This significant modification changes how the startup process runs by putting more control into the user’s hands. Some of the changes for this include removing the automatic download and/or start of particld on the start of Particl Desktop and adding various options like  download/start/stop/restart/auto-start to the user interface. Also included in this change is the ability to block the start of different desktop apps unless Particl Core is currently running. This should eliminate a few edge case issues and give users more control over their experience, notably with the ability to improve their client performance based on their specific utilization of it.

Add a Basic Settings and Configuration Implementation

Similar to the item mentioned above, a basic settings and configuration implementation will enable users to tweak various settings right from the GUI. This is a one-up over the currently available settings in Particl Desktop, this implementation will let users tweak more settings and do so more granularly. This implementation will touch on things such as indicating how to start/stop particl-core (auto-start or manual start, for example), as well as various settings related to download location, etc.

Update Particl Desktop to Use Particl Core v22

This item is self-explanatory. Particl Desktop 3.3 will work over the more recent Particl Core V22. You can consult the list of changes introduced by Particl Core V22 here.

Particl Market — Allow for the Deletion of Previously Published Templates

This widely requested feature from some of our current sellers on the marketplace relates to the deletion of listing templates once they have been published on a market or storefront at least once. This is a relatively significant change but will go a long way in improving sellers' user experience.

Particl Market — Remove the Requirement for Markets to Belong to a Single Identity

Expanding on the concept of multiple identities, we're removing the restriction that a market can only be joined by a single identity at a time. This will add the ability for markets or storefronts to be accessed by different identities. One notable benefit of this feature is the added privacy aspect of decoupling market ownership, vendor account ownership, and chat message identities.

Particl Market — Remove the Reviews & Comments Section

This section, which doesn't seem to be used much, is now made redundant thanks to the introduction of the better chat functionality of Particl Desktop 3.2 now. For this reason, we will remove its implementation from the system.

Particl Desktop — Allow for Alternative PD Utilized URLs to be Supported

This should allow for supporting Tor-related links to various services.

Particl Desktop currently makes use of various internet-related services, as well as providing various web links that the user may click on for various reasons. For example, when checking for, and the downloading of, a new particl-core version, Particl Desktop makes a connection to Github. Another example is the links in the Help & Support section of Particl Desktop that provide links to the social media sites of the Particl project (that open on the user's browser when clicked on).

These links are all currently fixed and hard-coded. This can present a problem (particularly for the initial particl-core download on the first run of the application), for those wishing to use Particl Desktop over Tor (or similarly restricted environments) where access to public services/URLs such as Github might be restricted or unwanted.

The solution aimed here is to remove these hard-coded URLs, allow them to be configurable as well (via the aforementioned PD Settings feature), and offer Tor-related alternatives, if available, for those wanting them.

Particl Market — Add the Ability to Purchase Digital Items

The ability to purchase digital items, or rather, items that do not require physical addresses for shipping, is something we started looking into a while ago. However, due to the significant changes it required, we put that deliverable on ice for a little while. For Particl Desktop 3.3, we’d like to jump back into it and work towards making that a possibility.

Minor UI Tweaks and Improvements, and Bug Fixes

There is a list of minor UI and UX tweaks we want to include in the desktop client. This includes, but isn’t limited to, ordering of the listed markets, showing a list of messages sent by a saved chat participant, and more. Additionally, as always, there’s also a list of minor issues and bugs we want to fix for Particl Desktop 3.3.

Stay Tuned for More Details on Particl’s Next Evolutionary Process

As mentioned above, we are planning on beginning with Particl's next evolutionary process right after the release of Particl Desktop 3.3. This process will not only introduce a new layer of distributed services to the ecosystem and bring Particl up to par with the expected level of accessibility from Web3 apps, but it will also improve said Web3 in many ways by tackling some of its most urgent issues, as we've highlighted in this Particl Story.

In fact, this upcoming development cycle will change the approach adopted to make the entire ecosystem, and its apps, more accessible for developers, vendors, and customers. It will make it easier to use in general, interoperable with established 3rd party services, which vendors use on their day to day work, and more welcoming to integrate applications from and to the wider Web3 ecosystem and community.

In other words, it is a major stride at increasing Particl’s aim for becoming the go-to solution and hub for non-interference and privacy-first applications within the new but fast-growing Web3 community. Because, we believe people shall not be the product and that corporate monopolies don’t help create a better world.

There will be much more to talk about in detail and you’ll read it here first, on Particl News in the coming weeks.

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