Update 1: The leaderboard is currently being updated. It will be back online within a few hours✌️

UPDATE 2: The sign up payouts for the Awareness Campaign have been executed earlier today. With this, the Awareness Campaign is now resumed, with sign up payouts disabled, so that you can continue earning staking shares by referring your friends to Particl. When you reach 12 points, you will earn your first staking share. Each additional point will reward you with a staking share.

For more details, read our latest blog post on the Awareness Campaign by following this link: https://particl.news/particl-awareness-campaign-update-d94347324121

On May 1st, we launched the first ever ambassador campaign: the Particl Awareness Campaign. The Awareness Campaign’s mission is to acquire new users and kick-start the Particl economy, plain and simple. More users on the Particl Open Marketplace means more products available for sale, more buyers looking for those products, and, of course, better privacy due to the nature of Particl’s CT & RingCT privacy protocol.

This campaign will run until mid-July and give you the opportunity to earn points that can be redeemed against PART prizes and even lifetime staking shares. All you need to do to start earning points it to let your friends know about Particl and get them to sign up with us!


  • Visit https://friends.particl.community
  • Sign up with your email
  • Get your personal link and share it with your friends
  • Start raking in points
  • Send your private address to friends@particl.io with the same email you signed up with to claim your prizes.
Note: Signing up with us will earn you 1 point. Each friend you get to sign up with us will earn you 1 additional point.


  • 1 lifetime staking share per friend that signs up (12+ points required)

Because the payouts cap has been reached in just under 16 hours, sign up payouts are now complete and disabled. But don’t worry, you can still earn PART by accumulating staking shares. All you need to do is get more than 10 of your friends to sign up with us!

After getting 10 of your friends to sign up with Particl, each additional one will reward you with 1 lifetime share of the revenue made by the Ambassador Staking Pool.

To see the first staking share payment round of the campaign, follow this link: https://explorer.particl.io/block/e559921895d05a53025dcb84f61ea42fd0362a786d3e848e640015755ba9f0d4

How to Claim Your Prize

To claim your prize, all you need to do is send us, by email, a private address. Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty easy to acquire. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Download Particl Desktop (mainnet)
  • Create a new account (make sure to backup your seed somewhere safe!)
  • Go to the RECEIVE tab located in the sidebar on the left
  • Click on the Private Address tab located at the top of the RECEIVE page
  • Click on the green Copy Address button to copy it to your clipboard
  • Send your private address to friends@particl.io with the same email you signed up with to claim your prizes.

To learn everything there is to know about this campaign, visit our blog post by following the link below.

Announcement: Particl Awareness Campaign
You and your friends are going to love using Particl! Recently, we introduced Community Contract Pools, a decentralized…particl.news

To read the update we’ve published after reaching out the payouts cap, follow the link below.

Particl Awareness Campaign Update
We announced a few days before the NYC Blockchain Week that we were launching an awareness campaign to get more people…particl.news

To learn more about staking shares, read our Ambassador Pool FAQ by following the link below.

Ambassador Pool FAQ — Particl Project Wiki
The Ambassador Pool is the first-ever Community Contract Pool to support an initiative. It is a cold staking pool that…particl.wiki

From the entire Particl team, thank you for participating in this campaign and being a PART of the Particl ecosystem!

The Particl Team