❄️Cold Staking Capabilities Arrive to Mobile❄️

Today, we’re keeping the good momentum going ahead of the NYC Blockchain Week by announcing that we’ve released a new Particl Copay version, this time with cold staking and multi-signature cold staking capabilities enabled!

That’s right! You can now earn some staking passive income even if you store your coins on a mobile device. Nobody left behind, that’s Particl way!

The Particl Copay mobile wallet can be downloaded by following these links:

Particl Copay - Apps on Google Play
The Copay wallet has a convenient payment proposal flow that supports multi-signature addresses and batch processing…play.google.com

‎Particl Copay
‎The Copay wallet has a convenient payment proposal flow that supports multi-signature addresses and batch processing…itunes.apple.com

What’s New?

Cold Staking Capability

One of the big feature being added into this version of Particl Copay is the long-awaited cold staking capability. Indeed, you can now connect your funds to a cold staking node directly from your mobile application and help secure the network while growing your PART stash at the same time.

Note: The Particl Copay mobile wallet won’t be the device actually staking. The update will only enable the possibility to cold stake your funds held on Particl Copay by delegating its staking power to a cold staking node.

Multi-Signature Cold Staking

What if Particl’s cold staking algorithm could be taken yet to another level? This is what multi-signatures enable! Multi-signature cold staking allows you to stake your funds held in multi-signature addresses and earn staking interest on them.

This is the safest way you can stake coins on any Proof-of-Stake protocol. In fact, it provides an additional requirement to transfer funds out of your wallet. To do so, you will need to have access to more than one device to successfully authorize and execute a transaction. This is all optional of course, but if you’re particularly careful about the security of your funds, this may end up being an interesting solution.

Paper Wallet Sweeping

Paper wallet sweeping is a simple feature that enables the withdrawal and deposit of coins to and from a paper wallet. This feature will be pretty useful when doing promotions at events and conferences.

Support for Bitcoin Cash Dropped

From now on, Bitcoin Cash won’t be supported anymore within the application. You can still create a Bitcoin wallet if you want, but Bitcoin Cash will not be an option anymore.

Particl Copay is getting more and more user-friendly every day. But we want to hear what you have to say about it and what you’d like to see next on Particl Copay. Head over to our Discord server and let us know about what feature or functionality you would like to see on Particl’s mobile application!