Hardfork + Cold Staking

Thank you to all who helped spread the work about Particl’s first planned hard fork to activate Cold Staking on Mainnet. A ton of folks were making sure this important news was hitting all channels out there and we feel like it was a resounding success. Thanks again!

Please,continue to direct folks to the latest product releases on our Github (and/or constantly evolving website). Anyone running legacy clients 0.14 are on a dead chain and will be experiencing all kinds of problems, looking for help.

We’ve put together a couple blog posts specific to Cold Staking and will be doing some follow up guides and/or videos about the new tech so keep an eye out.

Primer: Cold Staking on Particl
Quantum Computer Resistantparticl.news

Guide: Setting up Particl Cold Staking
A Node, a Wallet and a Smart Contractparticl.news

Particl Wallet

If you haven’t had a chance to take the enhanced GUI — Particl Wallet — for a spin I highly recommend it! It’s smooth, sexy and easy to navigate. We’ll be doing some follow-up guides and videos on this product too.

partgui - Particl Angular GUI - The source for the Particl GUI.github.com

Roadmap Progress

We released version 1.2 of our roadmap last month. There were 2 items to wrap up in Q4 2017 and I’m proud to say both are now complete! This concludes critical path items for 2017 and we are full steam (and staff) on Particl Marketplace — expected early 2018.

Updated Roadmap Graphic

Also available on our website: https://particl.io/roadmap/


Q4 2017 | Cold Staking — Guide

A Node, a Wallet and a Smart Contract

The Cold Staking Script is essentially a smart contract that says `if this is a cold staking transaction, then allow the private key from the Staking Node to sign the transaction; otherwise the private key from the Wallet is required.`

Q4 2017 | Atomic Swaps— Peer Testing Complete

Status Report

Our website was last updated November 14th with the latest report from the development team. If you’re ever curious about the nuts and bolts of all our product’s development then head over to the Status Report tab on Particl.io.

Status Report
Particl is an open source, decentralized privacy platform. Built for global person to person and business to person…particl.io

Particl Core

Staying up-to-date with Bitcoin is paramount to the security of Particl users and our blockchain. The Dev Team merged the latest Bitcoin Core changes into Particl in less than a week’s time, making the PART blockchain one of the first and only projects based on the Bitcoin protocol to be upgraded.

RELEASE: Particl Core
Merged Bitcoin 0.15.1 + Confidential Transactionsparticl.news

Thank You

Particl Team