Particl Foundation Update — 2 week delay

The Particl Foundation formation has progressed significantly since our previous updates with the final documents from the Particl team being proofed to fulfill our obligations. We have, however, received some unfortunate news that will affect the release date of Particl Mainnet which is out of our control.

We are proposing a new Particl Mainnet release date of 30th June, this adds an additional two weeks to the well anticipated release of mid-June. Unfortunately, the Swiss Government requires an additional two weeks to review and approve the Particl Foundation paperwork. This is regretful as it pushes our eight week projection from the end of exchange to ten weeks. We wanted to get this update out to our contributors as soon as we found out and sincerely apologize for the two week extension.

Rest assured, our aim is to release Particl Mainnet to the community at the earliest opportunity however there are certain obligations around the formation of the Particl Foundation which we cannot compromise on therefore please keep in mind that June 30th could still shift if we run into any issues with our Foundation documents and/or we don’t have a significant amount of Particl wallets created from our contributors in preparation for PART token distribution.

Particl wallet generation — Snapshot

Congratulations to all of you who logged into and finished the requirements in your dashboard portal. If you have yet to set up your Particl wallet please take 10 minutes to login to your account and walk-through the latest changes. We’ve set up a couple guides to help you.

Current statistics:

  • 551 out of 1660 contributors have created their first PART address — 33%
  • 3,562,760 PART is linked to receiving addresses — 46.5%
  • 80,000 PART has been donated by contributors for Community Initiative #1
  • 16,000 PART (20%) has been pledged by foundation as a match for this fund
We applaud your generosity and encourage everyone to continue to give 25% or greater of your free bonus as we establish a viable fund for long-term SDC holders who missed the exchange window.

Particl Core Public Testnet

We are very excited to offer the first public glimpse of the Particl network on our TESTNET 1. Enhancements to Bitcoin Core 0.14:

  • Confidential Transactions
  • Decentralized Voting
  • Donation Addresses

The Testnet is running at 5% staking reward at the moment. Let us know what you think of it. The staking proposal on the table at this time is:

5% — Year 1
4% — Year 2
3% — Year 3
2% — Year 4 and beyond


+Particl Testnet — Getting Started

NOTE : Only those who have completed their offline wallet generation by 10:00 UTC on Tuesday 6th will have Particl Balance on this Testnet (it will mirror 1:1 your Mainnet balance)