With the team coming back from Monerotopia and settling down, we wanted to provide an update on our experience.

Last weekend, Particl was represented by four team members at this event (Dr. Kap, Kewde, Cangrejo, and Cryptoguard), which was organized by Doug and Sunita from MoneroTalk (Youtube: https://t.co/yCfNiOEgrE).

Held in an open garden venue, Monerotopia fostered a sense of freedom and privacy ideal for an anarchist-themed gathering.

During the event, Particl hosted a booth and delivered a 40-minute presentation on BasicSwap, discussing its history, purpose, and mission. We'll delve into this topic later on.

About the Event

From the beginning, Monerotopia aimed to be different from large corporate cryptocurrency events such as Consensus or Bitcoin Miami. Indeed, the focus was on quality over quantity, yet the event still attracted a respectable number of attendees.

This was partly due to Monerotopia's decision to establish a market of craftsmen in the event's center, many of whom later became Monero sellers, but really, the sheer number of quality projects either presenting or attending was enough to draw in a very focused crowd.

The venue was divided into distinct areas such as the market, main stage (where Dr. Kap spoke), remote stage, privacy tech loft, and a workshop zone. Traffic remained consistently high across all areas, reflecting the good choice of location for that particular event.

Goals at Monerotopia

With a privacy and liberty-centric theme and an impressive lineup of projects, including Monero-based Cake Wallet, Monerujo, and SeraiDEX, but also other privacy projects such as Firo, Nym, Oxen/Session, Zano, only to name a few, our goal was to establish valuable connections with other projects and key individuals. Unfortunately, DarkFi was unable to attend, but we hope to catch up with them at Monerokon next month.

Our mission was to create connections, make new friends, and explore collaborative potential with other projects and individuals, and to that we can say that it was a definitive success. We eagerly anticipate the many opportunities and future collaborations resulting from these discussions, as they will be a major contributor to make preserving privacy and freedom easier than ever before.

Dr Kap’s Presentation

On the event's final day, we were honored to give a 40-minute presentation to a full room of privacy enthusiasts. The response to our message was incredibly positive, and it visibly resonated with the audience a lot.

The speech was attended by various individuals and projects we had networked with throughout the event, as well as some Particl community members who traveled to Mexico to meet us and a whole slew of new faces. With multiple rounds of applause and high enthusiasm, the speech was, in our view, a resounding success.

While it was broadcast live for virtual ticket holders, it will be publicly published online by the Monerotopia crew very soon.

Particl Booth at the Privacy Loft

Although the event prioritized quality over quantity, our booth consistently attracted attendees and saw a considerable boost in activity after Dr Kap's presentation.

The smaller crowd allowed for longer, more meaningful conversations with people genuinely interested in the topics of privacy and freedom, and it helped in building more solid relationships with awesome people. This also enabled us to explore the venue and support our new friends by attending to their speeches.

New Friends

We are thrilled to have established new friendships and strengthened existing ones with various projects and individuals. These connections will undoubtedly benefit the advancement of privacy technology as a whole.

As everyone begins returning home or settling in, we look forward to continuing the many ongoing discussions about collaborations, partnerships, and integrations with them. We are thrilled to support them in their groundbreaking work and look forward to helping each other in solidarity.

As Dr Kap's speech demonstrated, Particl and BasicSwap aim to create a coherent layer that unites privacy projects by building not only technology but also genuine, lasting relationships. Monerotopia was a stepping stone for the project in that sense.

Moving Forward

With the overwhelmingly positive reaction received at the event, we are, now more than ever, eager to participate in more events and gatherings.

In fact, Particl has been invited to present at Monerokon 2023 next month. This technical presentation will focus on BasicSwap's relationship with Monero, and many of the people we met this weekend will be in attendance or presenting as well.

If you are aware of privacy and liberty-focused events, please send the information our way. We would love to get out there and meet you if it's close to your location!

And now, hard work continues and let's keep pushing the boundaries by making privacy and pro-liberty tech more accessible and inter-connected than before!

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