With the week coming to an end, we’ve prepared a new Particl V3 progress update we’d like to share with you. It highlights all the progress that has been made over the development of Particl V3 and indicates what are the items that are going to be focused on next week and beyond.

Since our last progress report, several issues have been resolved while others have progressed well. As Particl’s Lead Desktop Developer Arnold Bansemer has been working on the list of outstanding issues, some minor issues that need to be fixed have been identified. Additionally, documents containing popular community requests and suggestions have been re-visited, and a couple of extra items have been implemented as a result.

Without further ado, here is a list of the items currently in progress and those remaining.

Note: Some items that were present in the last progress report are not included in this one. In all cases, that’s because they have been successfully completed.

In Progress

Allow external links to be rendered in the user's browser, rather than opening a new webview app-based window. This is a Particl Desktop specific change.

Flagging Markets

Flagging markets (markets that the user has either flagged or voted on to remove) prevents the processing of activities that the flagged market impacts. Examples are attempting to remove the market, editing categories on the market, or creating and editing listings for that market.

Some of the issues that were previously causing problems have been fixed. However, there are still issues that need to be fixed up. This is a market back-end specific change.

Expired Listings

Expired listings that are still in a cart should not be removed when the MP routine to clean up expired listings automatically is run. This is a market back-end specific change that’s completed and only requires to be merged.

To Be Completed

The following items are placed in the order that they are planned to be worked on.

Orders Getting Stuck in Shipping Phase

In the buy flow, releasing funds to complete the buy flow for an item before a possible shipping message has been received results in the order status becoming stuck in the 'Shipping' state despite being complete. This is a market back-end specific change that is likely already fixed but requires a bit more testing.

Miscellaneous Client Startup Issue

Had a report that starting the client with a locked wallet results in some startup issues (unlocking the wallet and starting the market app again appears to have fixed it). This is a Particl Desktop specific fix, and it still requires further investigation.

Dynamic Quotations

This is not a bug but an intended addition to Particl V3. Add dynamic quotations into the Particl Desktop startup splash screen. This is a Particl Desktop specific change.

Windows Startup Bug

A zmq.node error causes startup issues for some Windows users. The issue makes launching and properly using Particl V3 impossible for these users. This is a Particl Desktop specific change.

Delete a Product From the Inventory

This is not a bug but an intended addition to Particl V3. This will let you delete products from your inventory if you don’t want them to be displayed anymore. This is both a particl Desktop and market back-end specific change.

Once at least all the above items, except the last two (the Windows issue and the product deletion), are complete, we should be ready to release the next testnet release candidate for Particl V3.

In the meantime, don’t miss Particl’s upcoming CCS votes for the election of output claim managers and the introduction of a new decentralized treasury model. The first vote is going to take place on Wednesday, the 12th of May, 2021. You can find the details of the proposal here.

As always, we want to thank you for your continued support! We’re just getting warmed up, and great things are afoot for Particl this year and the ones ahead of us!

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