The Delegated Output Management proposal, the first-even CCS proposal to require on-chain voting, is now ready to be voted on and will soon begin its voting period.

This blog post will explain everything you need to know about it, including setting up your Particl node to vote for the proposal.

Voting Period's Details

"proposalid": 7,
"network": "mainnet",
"version": 1,
"blockheight_start": 936128,
"blockheight_end": 941167,
"link": "",
"name": "Delegated Output Claim Management"

The Delegated Output Management proposal is now live on the Particl blockchain and will soon begin its voting period. The proposal is scheduled to go on from block 936,128 to 941,167 (~ 1 week).

Note: If you plan on voting using Partyman, you don't need to remember the block number and ID. All the information is readily provided right from the app within a user-friendly process.

How to Vote

Voting on Proposals | Particl Project Wiki
Voting on Proposals

While it's already possible to vote for this proposal, votes will only start being counted starting from block 936,128. Regardless, it's highly recommended to set up your node to vote for this proposal right now.

That's because each proposal has a quorum requirement of 20%, meaning 20% of all the blocks within the voting period need to be voting for or against the proposal for it to be valid. Starting to signal your voting intentions to the network after the first block makes it more likely to have "abstaining blocks" (blocks without a vote).

Important: For the proposal to show up on Partyman, make sure you are running the latest version of Partyman. To do so, run git pull from inside the partyman folder.

That's all you need to do! Make sure you set up your node now to start voting right from the first block of the voting period.

Because the current on-chain voting system only allows for one proposal to be voted on at the same time, you can expect the next proposal (Decentralized Treasury Model proposal) to go live with its discussion phase shortly after this proposal's voting period starts. That'll allow both proposal's votes to be quickly voted on, one after the other, so that we can move forward as fast as possible with the coming hardfork.

As always, the entire Particl team wants to thank you for your continued support and passion for Particl's vision!

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