Invest: Asia (Consensus Asia)

Now that the Open Marketplace is live on mainnet, it’s time to let people know about it. After all, Particl is still a rare breed within the crypto sphere— a blockchain project with an actual live product. And this product is built with one purpose in mind, to be used by people and businesses around the world and empower them.

To spread the word of awareness, two Particl co-founders, Gerlof van Ek (Lead Designer and Developer) and Juha Kovanen (Lead Marketplace Developer), will be attending TechXLR8 Asia in Singapore from the 8th of September to the 14th to meet key people, both at the local and international level, and establish a good first point of contact in the area.

TechXLR8 is a week full of blockchain events that contains several flagship events such as Invest: Asia (Consensus Asia 2019), IoT World Asia, AI Summit Singapore, 5G Asia, Network Virtualization & SDN, and Startup Elevate Conference.

Conferences — CoinDesk’s Invest: Asia
Whether you're based in San Francisco or Singapore, there is no escaping how big a role Asia plays in today's crypto…

Why Singapore?

What’s particularly interesting about Singapore is the fact that the country’s tax agency has proposed new regulations that would make buying and selling products and services with cryptocurrencies a tax-free event. In other words, no tax would apply when buying and selling stuff for crypto. This new piece of regulation would make Particl’s Open Marketplace a no-brainer for Singaporeans and Singaporean businesses as it would not only benefit them with much greater data security and privacy than with traditional marketplaces, but also allow them to keep more money in their pockets after each sale/purchase by not being required to pay taxes on them. This is directly in line with the long-term and global vision Particl has for crypto and the reason why the team wants to increase the exposure and adoption over there.

As reported by Hong Kong’s English language newspaper South China Morning Post on July 29, Gwenda Ho argued that the Singapore government’s proposal to drop the seven per cent GST for cryptocurrencies when using them to pay for goods and services would have a positive impact on crypto exchanges, asset managers and blockchain entrepreneurs. — CoinTelegraph

As cryptocurrencies get more and more mainstream, decentralized marketplaces will position themselves as a key complement to this new economy and will enable people and businesses around the world to reach their full potential by leveraging, in full, the power of blockchain technologies. And this potential, up until now, has been severely limited by eCommerce giants and their centralized marketplaces/payment platforms.

About Invest: Asia (Consensus Asia)

Whether you’re based in San Francisco or Singapore, there is no escaping how big a role Asia plays in today’s crypto markets. Whether it’s the advent of exchange tokens, the importance of Asian OTC desks, or the unusually clear-eyed regulatory regimes, there is a strong argument that, when it comes to crypto, in many ways East is leading West.Invest: Asia is an exploration of the people and topics driving this market. CoinDesk is thrilled to be returning as a partner to TechXLR8 Asia by co-locating Invest: Asia with 5G Asia, IoT World Asia, NV&SDN, the AI Summit and Startup Elevate Asia September 11–12, 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center. With a dynamic expo floor, a special Asia edition of CoinDesk Live and plentiful networking opportunities, Invest: Asia will further explore how Asian crypto markets function and impact the world at large.

If you’re going to one of these events or just around in Singapore and want to meet up with Particl, you can reach out to both Gerlof (@crz#8782) and Juha (@ludx#5456) on Discord to set up a location to meet and chat!

See you there!