Coming in with Bitcoin integration live on mainnet 🌟

Today, the Particl team is making an appearance at the 2019 Slush Helsinki startup conference with a booth to demonstrate its revolutionary online marketplace as well as meet tons of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and experts from various different industries.

Slush Helsinki 2019 - The World's Leading Startup & Entrepreneurial Event
Slush Helsinki is the most founder-focused event on earth. 25,000 changemakers, including 4,000 startups and scaleups…

About Particl’s Open Marketplace

Particl’s Open Marketplace

Particl is an eCommerce platform (download here) that requires no sign-ups, no logins, and no personal information ever to buy or sell goods and services online. Thanks to its novel technology stack, the marketplace charges sellers no commission, payment fee, or subscription fee. That means consumers can potentially buy goods cheaper than on other marketplaces and vendors can sell for more profits while still preserving their competitive advantage. This is all thanks to there being no sales fee at all!

Since Slush Helsinki is such an important gathering of entrepreneurs and startup businesses hungry to disrupt their respective industries, it is an ideal place to meet other people and businesses and see how different projects and people can work together in mutually beneficial ways to move forward.

Particl is very eager to meet projects, businesses, and experts operating in all sorts of industry like the eCommerce, payment, banking, and financial industries, among others. The team identified Slush as the perfect place to meet as many of them as possible within a relatively short timeframe.

Going in Strong

Juha Kovanen, Marketplace Lead Dev, at the Particl Booth in Helsinki

The Particl team has brought with them, at the booth, a live version of the Open Marketplace with its brand new Bitcoin exchange module activated on mainnet. This marketplace feature, released yesterday on public testnet but being demonstrated in live at Slush, allows any Bitcoin user to easily use the Open Marketplace with Bitcoin without having to go anywhere else.

Particl is also coming in with strong news with yesterday’s announcement that stated that the Market Management tool will be the next major feature to be released after the Bitcoin exchange module of the Open Marketplace goes live on mainnet.

About Slush Helsinki

Slush is a world-renowned startup focused conference. Just like Money2020, which the Particl team recently attended back in October, Slush is not really a cryptocurrency or blockchain conference. It’s an event designed to bring together a vast multitude of like-minded entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts and connect them together with experts and resources operating in various industries. In other words, the entire purpose of this conference is to guide new projects to the right path and provide them a environment ripe for making the right connections and gain access to key resources.

Slush brings together 25,000 tech enthusiasts ranging from investors and startups to international media and executives from Fortune 500 companies. If you’re here to gain more awareness for your brand among the tech crowds, you’ve come to the right neighborhood. Our visibility offering ranges from the traditional Partner Booths to highly targeted digital impressions. — Slush Helsinki