With the week coming to an end, it's time for another progress report! This week, we've made important progress and have been improving both Particl Desktop and the marketplace with a few bug fixes and tweaks to the code.

Notably, we can report that the migration of Particl Desktop from Particl Core version 0.19x to 0.21 is now complete. Although there has been a fair amount of testing already, the team is looking to test it out more to ensure no issue arises (as you can remember, Particl Core 0.21 introduced many changes that touch on several aspects of the marketplace) before pushing it live. However, we can confirm that Particl Core 0.21x will be the core version of Particl Desktop 3.1.

Other than that, a good portion of this week's focus has gone towards fixing a few bugs and implementing improvements to both the desktop client and the marketplace. Among these, we improved on the code that displayed the number of PART "locked" on Particl Desktop. In some cases, the indicated amount was simply inaccurate, leading to some users (in rare cases) seeing more "locked" coins than they even owned in the first place. This was merely a display bug and has been fixed.

Finally, another minor display issue has been improved. When converting funds from one type to another (i.e., public to anon), the Overview page only displayed the fee paid for the conversion instead of what amount was converted. This is now fixed and will go live in the next version of Particl Desktop.

Particl Desktop Development Progress

The list of outstanding tasks remains the same as last week's, with one item now being complete (migrating to Particl Core 0.21). As mentioned in the introduction of this progress report, a lot of the work has gone towards fixing some bugs and integrating improvements to both Particl Desktop and the marketplace.

As soon as the OMP Library bug is fixed, development will resume on these items:

  • Update Particl Desktop and particl-market (marketplace codebase) to use Particl Core 0.21. This task is now complete.
  • Several features related to better vendor inventory import/update. This includes the provision of a product code (allowing for updates to items via CSV amongst other things), the ability to update pricing via the batch publish window, and the ability to import images through the CSV file directly (with the possibility to specify the category and target market directly from the CSV coming soon as well). This task is currently in progress.
  • The usage of markdown in product descriptions on the marketplace for better, more customizable formatting. This task has already been started but has been put on pause until the above items are completed. It is estimated that this item will be completed very quickly once its development resumes.
  • Enable the sale of digital items with no physical shipping address requirement (i.e., download links, NFTs, user codes, etc.). This task has not been started yet.

Today, we want to provide additional information regarding the "ability to update pricing via the batch publish window".

This new feature, or rather, an improvement to the batch re-publish feature, is a way for sellers to quickly batch update their listing prices without having to change them one by one. This is particularly useful for sellers with many listings who want to limit their exposure to PART price volatility.

This new feature is intended to work as follows, with potential changes being made while it's being coded in (aka, functions not set in stone yet):

  • In the batch re-publish window, display the current prices per individual product.
  • Display the "new" prices per product that the seller wants to set.
  • Include a global percentage modifier; setting this increments each product's price by the percentage specified by the seller (i.e., putting 20% means all listings have their prices increased by 20%).
  • Include an option per product to specify an exact price change rather than using a global percentage modifier.
  • Include an option to override the global pricing modifier if the seller has one or two items that had a drastic price change outside of the global percentage change. It is also helpful if the seller wants to leave most prices and set a percentage change on a few items only.

Although this feature is still a work-in-progress subject to changes, this is how the feature is currently being designed. It will help large sellers significantly reduce the time required to update their prices and better protect them against PART price volatility. This is a temporary solution until a more fleshed-out solution is deployed (stable payments, as mentioned in the most recent roadmap).

Particl Core Development Progress

Particl Core hasn't been much of a focus this week. Instead, Particl's core developer, Tecnovert, has focused on developing a new surprise feature for BasicSwap; Particl's upcoming cross-chain and private decentralized exchange (DEX).

This feature hasn't yet been announced, whether publicly or even within the closed beta group, and we're reserving its announcement for when we publish the official BasicSwap introductory blog post.

Speaking of which, this introductory blog post is the next major announcement scheduled for Particl. Keep an eye out on Particl News for this significant announcement; we'll reveal all the details related to BasicSwap and how we intend on making it a crucial aspect of the entire Particl ecosystem.

With the recent milestones we've reached together, namely the release of Particl V3 on mainnet, the new roadmap, and the website, and also with the upcoming major release of the BasicSwap open beta, the project is setting a rock-solid foundation for the future of the internet. And even though, at times, the journey Particl has chosen to take may seem arduous and challenging, the rewards at the end of it are enormous.

Indeed, far from being a "for the money" project, Particl is building the future of the digital world and strives to create a safe environment without middlemen; a world that is all about individual freedoms and putting a stop to the reckless mining and abuse of your data. With everything it's doing, Particl is in the process of restoring the balance of power back to the people and away from greedy corporations and agenda-driven organizations.

Thank you all for being a part of this important journey and believing firmly in the project's mission. You are today's pioneers for a better tomorrow!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend, and we'll see you on Monday!

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