The week has come to an end and you know what time it is; development progress report! This week, we've made some good progress in improving both Particl Desktop and Particl Core, so let's look into it right away.

Particl Desktop Progress Update

This week, Particl Desktop developer Arnold Bansemer has suffered a minor injury that took time off of major tasks. With this context in mind, he focused on smaller (but needed) and easily deliverable improvements proposed by some of our marketplace sellers.

  1. In the wallet transaction list, transactions that have been abandoned will now be properly displayed instead of showing the current "0/12 confirmations" indicator. Users will also be able to abandon transactions right from Particl Desktop.
  2. A filter to the "batch publish" modal has been added. It lets sellers filter the visible products by published market, enabling them to more easily republish listings when they have multiple markets and many items (with items specific to particular markets). In short, it provides them the option to only show items belonging to a particular market, rather than searching through all the items across all the markets one by one. In some cases, it can save several minutes, if not hours, especially when it comes to large vendors who often update their inventories and regularly add new items.

Looking forward to the coming week, we'll be able to resume progress on product codes and hopefully wrap it up before the end of the week. Then, we'll continue working on the in-market messaging system to get it ready for the upcoming Particl Desktop 3.2 update.

Particl Core Development Update

This week, we've added some improvements and bug fixes to the Particl Core 0.21 codebase. Notably, an issue was fixed where the wallet can freeze when unlocking after receiving an anon transaction while locked.

If the user then closes the wallet (unaware that it's stuck), it leads to errors creating future transactions with AddAnonInputsFailed. This issue is now fixed as part of Particl Core, which is available as a pre-release here. Its full release will soon follow.

Release Particl Core Β· particl/particl-core
Release Notes: particl-

Additionally, we've worked on enabling cold staking on the upcoming Particl Electrum light wallet, allowing transactions to be sent to stealth addresses (receiving anon transactions on Particl Electrum is planned for later on), and improving our Taproot integration to make it easier for users and integrators to sign taproot transactions.

As always, we thank you immensely for your passion and dedication to Particl and what it's working towards achieving. None of it would be possible without you all!

We wish you a great weekend we'll see you all back on Monday! πŸ‘‹

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