As we conclude the week, it is time to review the progress that has been made in the past few days. Let us take a moment to evaluate the advancements achieved in the past few days.

Particl Desktop πŸ–₯

We're still completing the items outlined in our previous updates, namely including enhancing Tor server capabilities and making a variety of minor improvements.

Please note, however, that we are currently observing a delay that is impacting the the development process of Particl Desktop which we hope to resolve shortly.

Particl Core πŸ”—

Core Codebase Maintenance πŸ› οΈ

Commits Β· tecnovert/particl-core
Particl Core integration/staging tree. Contribute to tecnovert/particl-core development by creating an account on GitHub.

As always, we consistently stay up-to-date with Bitcoin's latest version by regularly incorporating upstream updates into Particl Core. You can monitor these changes by visiting this link.

BasicSwap πŸ“ˆ

Swapping Monero From Both Sides πŸ’›

We've made substantial strides towards the integration of bi-directional Monero atomic swaps into the BasicSwap DEX.

Indeed, early this week, we had a mostly functional prototype, yet we decided to overhaul the majority of its codebase. The purpose of this revision is not only to streamline the code for easier integration with the existing BSX DEX framework, but also to improve the user experience and flow, enhance overall functionality, and clean the code

While progress towards completion of this important feature is satisfying, additional work and thorough testing are still needed before it is fully ready for deployment.

User Interface πŸ–₯

We've also been making significant progress this week on the version 2.0.2 of the user interface. Here's a rundown of our accomplishments this week:

  • Enhancements and modifications to the Wallets page, including displaying the full portfolio and assets in both USD and BTC.
  • The addition of an option to select the default display currency (USD, EUR, etc) in the Settings page.
  • Implementation of various tooltips and helpers to better explain certain features and options more effectively.
  • Initiated the design of a streamlined and compact method for listing new offers, with the advanced mode still being available for expert users (not part of the 2.0.2 GUI update).
  • A wide variety of minor bugs/tweaks.

Having completed our checklist of intended changes and resolved any lingering bugs and issues, we're now almost ready to release the update in the coming days. Consequently, we anticipate the update to be deployed after the last code clean-up, either over the weekend or at the start of next week.

BasicSwap Presenting at Monerokon πŸ’›

BasicSwap Talk at Monerokon
Particl and BasicSwap developer Kewde to give technical talk at this year’s Monerokon conference.

Earlier today, Particl and BasicSwap developer Kewde gave a presentation on Monero atomic swaps at this year's Monerokon conference.

Unfortunately, the presentation wasn't featured in the event's livestream as there are a couple of simultaneous presentations, but was recorded and will be published shortly. We will share the video as soon as it becomes available.

As always, we thank you immensely for your passion and dedication to Particl and what it's working towards achieving. None of it would be possible without you all!

We wish you a great weekend we'll see you all back on Monday! πŸ‘‹

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