With the week coming to an end, the time has come for our development progress report. This week, a lot of focus has been put on adding seemingly small but quite useful features and improvements to Particl Marketplace.

Other than that, a good amount of focus has also gone into fixing a few minor issues and adding general improvements based on various feedback obtained from Particl Marketplace users.

Particl Desktop and Marketplace Progress Update

As part of the additions and improvements mentioned in the introduction of this progress report, there are four main items worth mentioning, the others being very minor.

  1. Combined the market ID and access/publish key into a single value. This means that there's now only a single value that needs to be copied/used when sharing/joining a market. This is mostly a convenience modification; instead of needing two different values, a single value can be shared.
  2. Modified how a template for the product is edited. This was required mostly because the large "Edit Product" button on a template resulted in the product template being modified, leading to confusion when an existing market template is published and did not contain the modified content. So now the button to edit the market template has been made a little more visible, and the edit product button has been moved to a different location to ensure that it's easier to understand how to edit an existing item.
  3. Removing the forced requirement to have the Open Market automatically joined and the ability to remove it from the list of markets your client is connected to. This task is in progress and should be completed imminently.
  4. Displaying a different graphic and message to indicate when no listings are found but the blockchain is still busy syncing. This is part of a wider push to improve various aspects of the marketplace application that may cause confusion, especially to people who are trying Particl for the first time. You can expect a few updates sharing this goal to be included in the next Particl Desktop update.

While the aforementioned items are what received the vast majority of this week's focus, we can confirm that in-market messaging (buyer <> seller messaging) is still the primary priority when it comes to new features for Particl Desktop 3.2.

As previously mentioned, this is an early implementation of a wider "chat application" that will ultimately let you discuss with others in total privacy (no metadata) and without any central server in between processing and passing messages around. The "in-market" implementation, namely the ability for buyers and sellers to talk to each other on the marketplace, is the first version of that broader vision.

Particl Core and BasicSwap Progress Report

This week, Particl core developer, Tecnovert, has been busy backporting Taproot into the Particl Core 0.19 codebase. While Taproot will be fully functional on 0.21 following this coming hardfork (1st of February at 17:00 UTC), it wouldn't be the case for Particl Core 0.19 without these current modifications.

Taproot Hardfork Announcement (February 2022)
Learn everything you need to know about Particl’s upcoming hardfork and prepare ahead with Particl Core

And because Particl currently uses both the 0.19 and 0.21 codebases, it's important to ensure that Taproot is compatible and recognized by 0.19 nodes so that no issue arises. But more than that, we are happy to report that 0.19 nodes will also be fully compatible with Taproot, just like 0.21, meaning they will not only recognize Taproot transactions but offer full support for it as well.

Aside from this rather large task, Tecnovert has spent a good amount of time writing and running tests to make sure the upcoming hardfork goes through without any issue.

Renewed Particl Team Funding Proposal is Open for Discussion

Although not a development update per se, we wanted to let you know that the Particl team has published, on the CCS platform, its renewed funding request.

Team Funding Proposal #2
Learn all the details about the Particl team’s second funding request from the Treasury Fund.

As a reminder, the Particl team is funded exclusively from the network's decentralized treasury. Every six months, the team needs to renew its funding with a clear proposal that has to get approved by Particl stakeholders.

With the first funding cycle coming to an end in February, the team's second funding request has been published earlier this week and is currently open for discussion. We invite you to ask your questions and give your feedback by leaving a comment directly on the proposal's CCS page.

The start block of the voting period will be announced next week, so stay tuned to Particl News for that important information.

We thank you all for your passion, dedication, and valuable contributions to the Particl project; you are what makes Particl possible!

Whether you actively work on expanding the ecosystem or simply use the marketplace and send your feedback to the team, every bit helps shaping the future of de-commerce (decentralized e-commerce) and easing its adoption!

We wish you a great weekend and we'll see you, like always, back on Monday 👋

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