Another week bites the dust! So, without further ado, the time for the weekly status report has come. This week has been a continuation of the work reported in the past few progress reports.

On the side of Particl Desktop, there's not much new stuff that stands out other than the previously mentioned items seeing some progress. As usual, a few minor bugs and improvements, as reported by community members, have been fixed and will be included in the next version of Particl Desktop (3.1). Thanks to all of our dedicated community members that are still reporting issues and making suggestions to this day; it's incredibly useful and has a big impact on the quality of the product!

Particl Desktop Development Progress

Here's a short list of the current items being worked on or planned on being worked on in the short term.

Please note that these items are part of the immediate priority the team has set up following the release of Particl V3 on mainnet. They are meant to support the mainnet release by making its foundation better. While they may appear minor, they are vital to different types of users and will go a long way in making Particl Marketplace more usable in the immediate.

Any new major feature or function is planned for Particl Desktop 3.2 and subsequent versions.

  • Several features related to better vendor inventory import/update. We can report that the ability to batch update prices to multiple listings at once is mostly completed, with only UI tweaks and additional testing being required. The addition of a product code and the ability to import images directly through the CSV file directly is still in progress and is expected to be wrapped up next week, if all goes well.
  • The usage of markdown in product descriptions on the marketplace for better, more customizable formatting. This task has already been started but has been put on pause until the above items are completed. It is estimated that this item will be completed very quickly once its development resumes.
  • Enable the sale of digital items with no physical shipping address requirement (i.e., download links, NFTs, user codes, etc.). This task has not been started yet.

Particl Core Development Progress

Particl's core developer, Tecnovert, has spent the vast majority of the week testing the upcoming BasicSwap DEX and fixing various small issues. We are happy to report that the protocol is now pretty stable but still requires testing as the upcoming open beta will be over mainnet (meaning you'll be able to swap "real coins"). That's why it needs to be as secure as possible and cater to any potential weird case.

On that note, the GUI for the open beta is currently under work and will be moved as a top priority starting on Monday next week. Please keep in mind that the GUI for the open beta is not at all how we intend it to be on the date of the official release; it's merely so that you can test the bare protocol is a more user-friendly way.

We've mentioned it in the past, but it's worth repeating; we've got many surprises planned for BasicSwap and have a big strategic vision for it. While we haven't released too much information about it, or on how we plan on leveraging it to make Particl go viral, but we do not want to play our cards too early for many reasons.

As we make solid progress on the upcoming DEX every week and check more and more items off of its to-do list, we near its official announcement and the reveal of much key information regarding it. We can't wait to share those with you and we're absolutely thrilled with the direction it's taking. Stay tuned for more information, it's coming shortly!

Thanks everybody for your support and passion. Particl is a long-term project with a bold but very precise vision. We're absolutely blessed to have such a dedicated community tagging along for the ride and that understands what this project is working to achieve.

We wish you all a great weekend, we'll see you on Monday!

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