It's Friday, and you know what that means; progress report day! This week has been a happy one with the release of the new Particl V3 testnet builds. And so, most of the work on the desktop side of things has been about dealing with questions, assisting, and investigating (and fixing) more minor issues that have all come from the community.

Status of the Current Testnet Round

We're excited to announce that, as of yet, nothing significant has been reported in terms of blockers that may prevent a mainnet release. The only issue that may need some attention is related to some performance-related concerns that have been reported on the private-by-default Whonix OS. However, we do not foresee any delay caused by this problem as it is relatively minor and straightforward to fix.

Additionally, we'd like to take at least one more week of testing before initiating the process of releasing Particl V3 on mainnet. That's to allow more time for edge-case testing and make sure no new bug is found in the coming days.

As such, assuming no new issue is found in the days to come, we will be ready to announce Particl V3's mainnet release date next week!

Particl Desktop Development Report

Aside from looking into smaller issues and inquiries regarding the current Particl V3 testnet round (that you can track here), work has begun towards planning out the next updates and additions for Particl Desktop moving forward (based on items from the new roadmap). So, if nothing new regarding the current testnet requires attention, we'll start working next week on the changes planned for the v3.1 release, but also possibly future v3.2 and v3.3 releases as well.

One useful addition to Particl V3 since the launch of the current testnet round is the ability to split UTXOs for public transactions as well (not just anon transactions). The issue was reported by community member Kangoala; thanks for pointing it out! You can read more about it here:

Particl Core Development Report

On the Particl Core side of things, we are happy to report that testing has resumed on BasicSwap with the closed beta group and that a few changes have been made to the protocol. Much more details regarding BasicSwap coming right after the release of Particl V3 on mainnet.

We're also excited to tease you by announcing that a new lightwallet client to easily store and use PART will join the Particl ecosystem very soon. Indeed, we can report that, today, the first successful mainnet transaction using Particl Electrum has been made!

Particl Electrum will play an important part for some of the things we have planned ahead. Notably, the lightwallet provides "light services" that can be used to provide other Particl apps with an access to the blockchain without syncing it entirely. It also provides for an easy way to use the Lightning Network through a built-in interface, although converting that code to Particl is still in progress.

We will provide more details about Particl Electrum and explain how it fits into the broader Particl ecosystem as we move forward with our post-V3 strategic roadmap!

Thank you again for your support and passion for the project's mission. Exciting times are ahead, and while we encourage you to keep testing the current testnet version of Particl V3, we certainly look forward to announcing the mainnet release date.

We'll be publishing more information next week regarding the mainnet launch of Particl V3 and will, at the same time, communicate a few things coming right after or around this event. You can also expect the new roadmap to go live very shortly after Particl V3's mainnet launch.

Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

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