The end of this glorious week has arrived, and with that comes the weekly development progress report. This week has been a pretty busy one, and so we have quite a lot to report.

First thing first, this week has seen the release of the long-anticipated Particl V3 on mainnet, which includes the new Particl Desktop client and Particl Marketplace. We're happy to report that the release has gone exceptionally smoothly without any significant issue. A few minor problems have been reported concerning getting listings to show up, but they can be quickly remediated with a few manual steps that we are working on fixing. The related changes to fix those minor issues should go live pretty soon.

Additionally, a good portion of this week's focus has been on observing the network following the release, keeping an eye on the chat rooms to spot any problem and assist people with difficulties, and also answering many questions from the community both in the chat rooms, but also in private messages.

Particl V3, now finally on mainnet!

However, it's not because a lot of the focus has been around monitoring the release that there hasn't been any significant progress development-wise. In fact, it is quite the contrary; this has been a pretty productive week. So let's dive deeper into the details.

Particl Desktop Development Report

A small number of minor updates have been added and queued up for the next release of Particl Desktop. Thanks to everyone who's provided feedback (and continue to do so) based on their experience with the initial Particl V3 release.

In addition, here are the items that have seen progress this week but aren't yet fully ready.

  • Update Particl Desktop and particl-market (marketplace codebase) to use Particl Core 0.21.
  • Allow users to obtain the mnemonic of the marketplace-related wallets for backup purposes.
  • A number of features related to better vendor inventory import/update, which includes the provision of a product code (allowing for updates to items via CSV amongst other things), the ability to update pricing via the batch publish window, and the ability to import images through the CSV file directly (with the possibility to specify the category and target market directly from the CSV coming soon as well).
  • Usage of markdown in product descriptions on the marketplace to allow for better, more customizable formatting.
  • Allowing for the sale of digital items with no need for a shipping address to be provided (i.e., download links, NFTs, user codes, etc.).

Particl Core Development Report

Most of the work on the core side of things this week has been around fixing minor issues related to Core and its interaction with the marketplace. Still, there have also been some pretty interesting independent development.

Particl Core and have been released to address a few edge issues with Particl Desktop, especially as it relates to improperly shutting down Particl Desktop, which caused, in some instances, problems with syncing the blockchain correctly and loading listings as expected. Particl Core will soon be pushed to Particl Desktop; you'll need to shut down the client entirely and re-open it for the update to apply.

Additionally, work has gone towards making the Particl Core 0.21 release compatible with Particl Desktop. This, however, is still a work in progress but will mark a significant step towards moving away from the old 0.19 release and towards a more modern one.

Finally, we have exciting news to share in relation to Particl Core 0.22. The first internal pre-release has been built and is being tested at this very moment. This is the first time a Bitcoin/Particl release uses guix, which treats libudev differently. For this reason, this release, in particular, needs to be extensively tested to ensure everything runs as expected.

For a full list of all the changes being introduced, follow this link. In a nutshell, it introduces i2p routing, drops TorV2 addresses for the new Torv3 ones, and more necessary code for the full deployment of the privacy-enhancing taproot protocol, which, in Particl's case, is expected to come to play an essential role in BasicSwap notably (to allow for more private swaps that are indistinguishable from regular transactions).

Stay tuned as the next week is gearing up to be another productive one. The new website, and the new roadmap, are both scheduled to be released next week, and they are sure to melt your mind! Keep in mind that, shortly after this, we'll also start publishing a lot more information about Particl's new upcoming app; the BasicSwap DEX.

As you probably realize by now, things are looking extremely positive for the Particl project, its future, and its vision of a decentralized and private economy with no middleman (aka a real and global free market economy). The mainnet release of Particl V3 was a major milestone that needed to happen before jumping right into the next big phase for the project. And now that the release is behind us, the real fun begins!

Thank you all for your support, passion, and for your valuable contributions. This project would be nothing without all of you who have stuck around through tough times. You all have been our life force, and the future of Particl is now very bright. We owe it to you all!

Have a great weekend from the entire Particl team!

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