0.19.x Bug Fixed and In-App Swap Engine Optimizations

A new version of Particl Desktop was just released. Particl Desktop 2.3.3 is a minor release intended to fix a bug caused by the introduction of a new API parameter in Particl Core 0.19.x which didn’t get properly picked up by Particl Desktop 2.3.2 and earlier versions. This prevented some types of transaction from executing such as finalizing escrow smart-contracts. It also includes some back-end changes to the in-app swap engine which are required to add new coins and exchange to Particl Desktop moving forward.

This new version of Particl Desktop doesn’t introduce any new apparent feature or functionality. To get up-to-date with the latest Development Update and know when new features are going to be included, click here.

Development Update (08–05–2020)
Like mentioned in the previous Project Update, Particl is now going to be posting more regular development updates to…particl.news

Get Started

Download Particl Desktop 2.3.3: https://github.com/particl/particl-desktop/releases/tag/v2.3.3

This patch release fixes an issue that occurs when using the Marketplace with particl-core v0.19.1.1. This fixes an…github.com


In order to “activate” the marketplace, you need to add a wallet named “Market” (any capitalization works). The marketplace is currently only available via the Particl Desktop on this wallet. This is a temporary requirement that is going to be improved with the upcoming Market Management feature.


  • There will be an automatic update to the latest supported particl-core version, if applicable, when the marketplace is launched.
  • Your wallet needs to be unlocked in order to process buy and sell orders on the open marketplace, if the wallet is encrypted.
  • The marketplace is still in on-going development, and thus is considered to be a Beta release.
  • NB!! The source code linked to here is not the actual tagged release source code. Please contact Particl for source code information. The actual source code will be uploaded and made available after an appropriate interval of time has passed.


  • Fixed an issue in which completing some of the steps during a purchase in the open marketplace may not work correctly with Particl Core 0.19.x
  • Tweaked some of the swap bot handling code to provide some optimizations and to handle future potential changes.