Like mentioned in the previous Project Update, Particl is now going to be posting more regular development updates to keep you informed of the latest progress behind the scenes.

Today is the first such development update! Here are the latest progress updates, as reported by Development Manager Henk Swardt.


Our beloved Tecnovert has been hard at work, Particl Core has been released which includes some improvements required by the Ledger team.

Release Notes: Hashes…

  • Merged Bitcoin 0.19.1 backports.
  • Added generatemnemonic command to particl-wallet.
  • Qt receiving addresses table displays relative paths.
  • Qt receiving addresses page can verify an address on a hardware device.
  • Path of change address is sent to ledger hardware devices


The new Core version was successfully tested against Particl Desktop 2.3.x and everything is working correctly. Thus, Particl Core has been pushed to all existing Particl Desktop 2.3.2 clients and to the current work-in-progress (the future 2.4.x release) builds as well.

Good progress has also been made to the new Particl Desktop client. The bulk of the rebuilding of the listing template creation functionality is now almost complete. These changes will still need to be re-visited and updated at a later point to cater for the new changes being introduced in the market codebase, but that should be a minor update and quick to do.


A large portion of the refactored market codebase is in the process of being made available as part of the feature branch we use for GUI integration development.


As for the Copay app, we are still looking into the issue that has been causing blank history views. We are required to make some API changes and these proved to be a bit more tricky than we hoped it would be. Please bear with us as we work through this.

Swap Engine

We have added and made ready a new exchange bot and have been adding and testing some additional coins to the in-app swapg engine of Particl desktop. The tests have been successful, keep an eye out for new coins to be available on Particl Desktop once the big Infinite Markets update comes out!

This should get some more people digging around Particl and using it with their favorite cryptocurrency.

Hardware Wallet Playground

An easy to setup development and test environment for hardware wallets & their integration with particl-core has been set up. The goal is to make an automated test suite against emulated hardware wallets. It is very much under active development, but PRs are appreciated.

The purpose of this repository is to provide an easy to setup development & test environment for hardware wallets &…