RingCT Makes its Grand Debut on the Marketplace

The long-awaited testnet build of the Particl Open Marketplace, with RingCT transactions enabled by default, has finally arrived! This time, it is also accompanied by a testnet bug bounty that will reward you for finding bugs related to the Particl Open Marketplace.

Ever since the last testnet build of the Open Marketplace on the 10th of July, the Particl team has not only been very busy integrating RingCT into the escrow system of the marketplace but also fixing a market start-up and switching issue identified earlier last week. It is with great excitement that it can be announced today that the testnet build is now ready for public testing and will move up onto mainnet on the 12th of August, 2019!

Get Started!

Download and get started with testing the Open Marketplace by following this Github link:

You can't perform that action at this time. You signed in with another tab or window. You signed out in another tab or…github.com

Get free testnet coins to test it out: http://faucet.particl.xyz/

Important Note

  1. For those of you that have tested the marketplace on testnet before, please do remember that you will need to wipe your existing marketplace database, otherwise, you may encounter errors that will break your experience. The location of your particl-market is dependent on the OS you use.
  • Windows:C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\particl-market
  • macOS:~/Library/Application Support/particl-market
  • Linux:~/.particl-market

2. To use the marketplace, you need to create a marketplace-enabled wallet. To do that, you need to first create a normal wallet as usual. Then, once that is done, create a second wallet and name in Market. Once generated, that wallet will have the marketplace enabled.

What’s New Since Last Time?

New Features

  • Fully anonymous escrow support, powered by RingCT
  • Added the ability to support free shipping
  • Added text to the help sections on the buy and sell page to indicate to users that their wallets need to be unlocked to process buy flow messages
  • Error message dialog for when proposal creation fails

Changes to Existing Features

  • On the top bar of the listings, buy and sell pages, the available Anon balance of your wallet is displayed
  • “Spendable” and “Locked” on the Overview page is now a summary of all balances
  • Instead of the balance transfer label on the Overview page, the transaction type is now displayed (i.e. Converted to blind)
  • Added the ability to copy the text in the console window

Fixed Issues & Bugs

  • Cold staking Zap functionality
  • Converting between public and private balances
  • When converting between balances and selecting the Make payment button, a popup will be displayed to unlock your wallet if it is encrypted. You then need to confirm the transaction. If you click away from the popup, it will disappear and the Make payment button will remain greyed out
  • Flagging of listings with 1 UTXO now works properly. Before the fix, it would show as flagged but not be removed from your Listings page
  • Validation added that the balance transfer fee is subtracted from the amount requested

Earn PART by Participating in the Bug Bounty

Since this build is the version of the marketplace that’s going to move up onto mainnet, it is this time accompanied by a bug bounty where you stand to earn PART coins for finding any bug related to the marketplace. This ensures that as many testers as possible can try to break, hack into, or find vulnerabilities in the Particl Open Marketplace before it launches and gets used with real funds.

To find all the details about this bug bounty, as well as the prizes, follow the link below.

Particl Open Marketplace Testnet Bug Bounty
The instructions to participate in this bug bounty are pretty simple: Download the latest testnet build of the Open…particl.news

What’s Next?

Since this is the final round of testing before the Particl Open Marketplace moves up onto mainnet, the following days are going to be packed as the team prepares the Open Marketplace for its grand mainnet launch. To know exactly how the next few days are going to unfold, read Particl’s Project Update blog post by clicking the link below.

Project Update
It is finally here! The Particl Open Marketplace goes live on mainnet on the 12th of August! Ever since the 16th of…particl.news