The decentralized treasury model proposal has just been published on the CCS. This proposal, which seeks to implement a new and powerful decentralized treasury model to provide self-sustainable revenue to the Particl ecosystem, is now open for public discussion.

Decentralized Treasury Model by cryptoguard · Pull Request #8 · particl/ccs-proposals
SummaryThis proposal introduces a new decentralized treasury model to support, promote, and expand Particl into a stronger-than-ever ecosystem. This will be accomplished by raising both the yearly...

The proposal will remain in its discussion phase for the next few days after which it will move to its voting phase. While the discussion phase goes on, the proposal can be tweaked and modified based on community feedback and comments.

It will clearly be communicated when, exactly, the voting period will start using Particl’s usual communication channels.

  • To read the proposal and provide comments/feedback, please follow this link.
  • To know how the on-chain voting system works, please follow this link.

How to Vote

Voting on Proposals | Particl Project Wiki
Voting on Proposals

To vote on this proposal, you will need to first wait for it to come into its voting phase, then, you can refer to this Particl Wiki article which contains the step-by-step instructions.

Please note that you will need Particl’s cold staking application Partyman or your favorite Particl client to vote on this proposal. If you have coins on a staking pool, be aware that they will vote in accordance with the pool’s voting parameters.

As always, we want to thank you all for your continued and dedication in pursuing Particl’s vision. It is our strong belief that implementing this proposal will go a long way in providing the ecosystem with the resources it needs to thrive.

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