Today is the day we release the long-awaited cold staking pool user interface! While these pools have now been available to use for quite some time, they haven’t really been user-friendly and so, were mostly reserved to use for advanced users. With the web user-interface now released, it is now easier than ever to get started with pools and contribute security to the Particl network, that is, if you weren’t already doing so.

This release is a major step towards making cold staking on Particl as easy, accessible, and convenient as possible for all types of users. It will also greatly benefit the network as a whole by, more than likely, increasing the number of PART coins being staked. Follow the link below to get to know all of the benefits you, as well as the entire Particl network, could potentially reap from connecting to a cold staking pool.

Cold Staking Pools - What You Need to Know - Crypto Guard - Medium
Cold staking pools have been an item the community has been wanting to have on Particl for quite some time. In fact…

Credits for the creation of the cold staking pool code and its interface go to Tecnovert, Gerlof (Crz), and Kewde.

How to Get Started

Getting started with cold staking pools is super easy and takes less than 2 minutes. You don’t need to download any piece of software or acquire any hardware, the only thing that is required from you is some copy-pasting “skills”. To learn how to connect your Particl wallet to a cold staking pool, simply visit and copy its public key into your cold staking widget on Particl Desktop. For more in-depth instructions, follow the link just below.

Connect to a Cold Staking Pool
In fact, cold staking pools allow you to "team up" with other stakers and combine your staking powers in order to earn…

Create Your Very Own Cold Staking Pool

The cold staking pool code has been publicly available on Github for some time now. We encourage you to inspect, clone, fork, or improve it in any way you can, as per the open-source spirit! Simply follow these links to see what lies under the cold staking pool’s hood.

Cold staking pool’s source code:

Pooled coldstaking demo. Contribute to tecnovert/particl-coldstakepool development by creating an account on

How to create one of your own:

Create Your Own Cold Staking Pool
As per the open-source nature of Particl cold staking pools, anyone can easily set up and manage their own pool. You…

Using the open-source code posted above, our fierce and passionate French community, assisted by CryptoAcademie, has built implemented its own cold staking pool of its own where a certain percentage of the fees are sent to major influencers within the french crypto community. This is one example of a creative initiative we applaud and we encourage as many of you to build cold staking pools of your own and benefit the Particl ecosystem in your own way.

Note: The french cold staking pool is entirely ran by our french community, meaning we take no responsibility for the security of your funds. While pool operators cannot actually run away with your money when using cold staking pools, they have the ability to mismanage the rewards. We encourage you to do your own due diligence.


The Particl team is not responsible for the management, user support, and debugging of any pool. While we will offer support for the cold staking pool code itself, we won’t be offering support for any of its implementation made by third-parties; this responsibility should lie within the pool operator himself.