It’s been a few weeks now that the CCS proposal system has been live, and there’s been a bit of action with it in the past few days. For this reason, we’ve prepared a small update for the community.

As a reminder, the Community Crowdfunding System (CCS) is Particl’s brand new system for the community to push proposals to collect donations from the community or pass ideas to a provably fair vote. Proposals can be any community project, initiative, service, or desired feature that may require funding or a vote to be initiated.

To learn about the CCS in more detail, follow this link.

The CCS Sees its First Proposal

Roughly three weeks ago, Particl’s CCS saw its first proposal ever being published by a community member. Please join with the Particl team to congratulate and thank community member Ozandalgali for breaking the ice and being the first in Particl history to push a proposal on the CCS!

Although relatively small in scope, the proposal requests a modest amount of PART for the funding of the creation of an explainer GIF to quickly illustrate the concept of Particl’s novel two-party escrow system. Because Particl’s escrow system is quite different from what most people are used to when shopping or selling online (it uses the MAD game-theory instead of a third-party holding funds on behalf of both users), this GIF will be quite helpful to help newcomers in understanding how it works.

This proposal inaugurated the CCS system and has now been pushed to the “Funding Required” phase just a few moments ago. This means that anyone can now donate to the initiative and get it moving. Particl’s Lead Brand Designer and UI/UX Lead Gerlof van Ek (Crz) has already pledged to create the GIF.

Once again, thank you, Ozandalgali, for breaking the ice and anchoring yourself in Particl’s history!

To learn more about the proposal, click here.

A Second CCS Proposal Followed Suite

Just a few days ago, a second proposal was pushed to the CCS proposal. This time, it was pushed by two Particl team members — Juha Kovanen (Ludx) and Cryptoguard. This proposal is relatively more extensive in scope than the first one, and it aims at supporting the release of the groundbreaking and long-anticipated Particl V3 release.

The proposal suggests funding for developing, deploying, and maintaining an automated system that will list thousands of items on Particl V3, shipped from various locations. The system will also automatically process orders on Particl, reducing the time to move the escrow steps to the bare minimum technically possible for the network. This will tremendously reduce the gap (in terms of shopping experience) between traditional marketplaces and Particl’s decentralized approach.

This proposal goes hand in hand with future outreach and user acquisition efforts. It is currently in the “idea phase” of the CCS, which means that it is still up for discussion, comments, feedback, and amendment proposals. If you want to partake in the discussion, head over to the proposal’s page and leave a reply at the bottom.

To learn more about the proposal, click here.

Decentralizing Particl Even More

A few weeks ago, it was mentioned in the November Project Update that the Particl team has decided to hold off from collecting a salary for their work momentarily. As an alternative, it is likely that a few proposals here and there may be pushed, independently by team members, to the CCS from time to time.

This new approach increases the project’s community aspect and gives all of its members much more decisional power. Indeed, the community can now approve or disapprove current and future proposals by either donating or not and letting their voice be heard. It also gives the community all the tools they need to gather support from other members for any idea or project they may have that directly benefits Particl. No more does everything have to go through the team, anyone can now steer this ship that is the Particl project!

You can now expect a few proposals, sponsored by team members or managed by them, to go live on the CCS. Some of them may involve some team members working on initiatives, while others may involve third-party contractors or partners with whom the team has developed relationships. There are a few initiatives in the pipeline that should be soon published, and the team is looking forward to presenting them to you!

On-Chain Voting is Coming to the CCS

The Particl team has been working on a new on-chain voting system and will be integrating it into the CCS shortly. This will give the system more flexibility and allow anyone to push proposals that may require a community vote to move forward. This can be, for example, a proposal that suggests a modification to Particl Core or another critical aspect of the ecosystem.

The ability to push proposals that require voting may also be used by anyone in the community to spend, move, or manage the Community Fund’s funds. More detailed information on the topic will be provided at a later point in the future.

A Strong Community Project!

The Marketplace Listing Seeding proposal partly intends to showcase what kind of proposals anyone can present to the community. It can serve as an example to follow by anyone. In no way is the CCS exclusive to the team. On the contrary, it is intended to give more power and tools to the community to work on and develop their ideas independently.

Do you have an idea in mind that would benefit the Particl ecosystem? Something you’ve dreamt of for a long time? Now’s the time to get it going! All you have to do is thoughtfully plan your idea, find the team to work on it (if you require additional people to help you out), and write a detailed proposal for the community to fund. Just follow the CCS instructions here and save time on the formatting using Cryptoguard’s CCS Proposal Template.

Suppose you intend on pushing a proposal to the CCS. In that case, you can contact Cryptoguard to see if it can be promoted through official Particl channels, so it gets additional exposure and better chances of being fully funded. Note that whether a proposal can be promoted through Particl’s own channels or not depends on various factors, including legal, and is at the Particl team’s discretion.

Particl is a community project and, with the groundbreaking Particl V3 release almost ready for release, now’s the time to get to work and give it the adoption and exposure it deserves!

The CCS is a powerful community crowdfunding tool and allows anyone to significantly impact the success of the project. Let’s do this all together, as a community, and let’s take Particl places no one thought it could reach!

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