We are happy to announce that the new version of the installation wizard for BasicSwap is now available to Windows users.

It includes a wide variety of improvements gathered since the release of the first version and also introduces additional scripts, which can be activated with a simple double-click, to launch or update the DEX as well as to update its dependencies.


  • Resolved issues with the (venv) environment.
  • Refactored the PowerShell script.
  • Introduced .bat files in the BSX main directory for launching or upgrading.
  • Fixed the XMR (swap) compatibility (coincurve) on Windows.

Get the Installer

Release BasicSwap (BSX) Installer v2.0.0-WIN ยท gerlofvanek/basicswap-installation-GUI
CHANGELOG: Resolved issues with the (venv) environment.Refactored the PowerShell script for improved functionality.Introduced .bat files in the BSX main directory for launching or upgrading.Fix...

To get the installer, simply visit this Github repository and download the installation wizard, or get it directly from the BasicSwapDEX.com website here.

Once downloaded, simply launch the installer as administrator by right-clicking on the executable file and selecting "Run as Administrator", then follow through the on-screen instructions. Check out the README file for more in-depth information.

Other Operations Systems

The installation wizard is currently only available for Windows users, but will come to other operating systems (MacOS, Linux) shortly. Make sure to follow our weekly progress reports for any information on the matter.

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