Overfunders & Group 1 Claimants

In our last blog post we broke down the remaining contributors waiting for their PART tokens. Every Wednesday we are doing a combined distribution to everyone who creates their Particl wallet that week. Last night was our first batch and all over-funders and approved claimants from our Community Initiative #1 who set up their receiving address should have their PART.

Still waiting for your PART?

Please read Post launch update: July 24th, 2017 to see the groups we’ve identified and the steps you need to take to secure your PART token.

📣 Our next manual distribution will be Wednesday, August 3rd. Don’t wait any longer, set up your wallet and get your tokens!

PART tokens not showing up in your wallet?

The best assistance you can get is from the Particl Community members in our #help slack channel. I would encourage you to signup and we will get you straightened away faster than you can track a bitcoin across the blockchain.

Thank you

Particl Team