Final statistics from the Particl Token Exchange

Two weeks ago we closed on a successful initial seed funding round for Particl. In our congratulatory post we promised final numbers for tokens exchanged, tokens unclaimed and contributors who participated. We would like to share the final numbers from the Particl Token Exchange.

  • 1,660 contributors participated in the exchange.
  • 5,150,748 SDC was directly exchanged for PART.
  • In addition, 10,703 PART is being reserved for contributors who donated during the exchange either more BTC than what the dashboard displayed and/or sent SDC directly to the transparency address instead of generating personal deposit addresses.
  • 1,480,689 PART were left unclaimed.

Unclaimed PART tokens to be split as follows:

  • 1,184,551 PART (80%) will be split among the 1,660 contributors according to their balance.
  • 296,138 PART (20%) will be donated to the foundation.


  • 1,660 PART token holders will receive a 20.5% bonus on their PART balance.

Next steps:

We will be posting an important blog for all PART token holders within the next 48 hours. This is specific to preparing for mainnet release*. We’ll be providing instructions on how to update your dashboard in anticipation of PART distribution.

Please be sure to subscribe to this blog to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

*Note: we haven’t released an official date for mainnet. Unofficially it is 4 weeks out.