Today is a goodΒ day!

Particl Blockchain is LIVE thanks to all involved, especially to our contributors.

Getting started:

1First, head over to our Github for the official wallet releases.

Please only use these official compiles, don’t use any other source for your wallet releases or click on links quoted in forums. This is an easy attack vector for nefarious individuals to prey on the less experienced user.

2Second, import your pre-generated Particl Wallet.

Community member B.B.2K has once again created a simple video walk-thru of how to import your mnemonic keys to begin receiving your PART distribution.

3Third, allow Particl blockchain to advance 100–200 blocks into existence before seeing total balance.

Please wait patiently as the PART tokens for our seed funders is distributed automatically by the Particl Blockchain. In our testnet versions, token distribution happened within 100 blocks or 200 minutes (2 minute blocks).

Thank you

Particl Team