We are thrilled to announce that Particl, just like BasicSwap DEX a few weeks ago, officially joined the Private Finance Syndicate (PFS).

The Private Finance Syndicate (PFS) is an organization focused on promoting and fighting for financial privacy.

Founded by Navcoin, a Private Finance (PriFi) ecosystem, and LunarDAO, a privacy-oriented investment fund, the PFS emphasizes the importance of unity within the pro-privacy and pro-liberty community. Thus, it advocates for privacy-focused projects to collaborate and strengthen their collective impact rather than competing with one another.

We are all facing the same challenges; to bundle forces seems like the logical and necessary step. Our vision: Instead of seeing each other as competitors, PriFi projects would instead benefit from working together toward this shared objective. - Private Finance Syncdicate manifesto

The PFS Mission

The PFS mission centers on fostering collaboration to advance the development, promotion, and adoption of privacy technologies and ensures a free exchange of knowledge and insights among syndicate members.

  • Spread cypherpunk and lunarpunk narrative.
  • Navigate in compliance with regulatory measures.
  • Act in unity and provide mutual support.
  • Share knowledge, proposals and directions for people to enhance privacy.
  • Share calendar of important privacy events.
  • Joint educational efforts.
  • Support each other in case of repression.
  • Create platform to expand knowledge.
  • Articles/podcasts/interviews: Privacy as a mean in struggle for liberation, not just for profit.
  • Legal advice: written material and contacts.
  • Build resources base including Q&A in regard to legal questions.
  • List known cases: Basis of the attack, response from privacy partisans.

For a comprehensive understanding of the Private Finance Syndicate's motivations, mission, and vision, we encourage you to explore its manifesto by following this link.

The Relevance of the PFS in Relation to the Particl and BasicSwap Mission

If you caught our BasicSwap DEX presentation at Monerotopia, you'll see that our goals are perfectly aligned with those of the Private Finance Syndicate.

BasicSwap Presentation at Monerotopia Now Live
Dr. Kap’s BasicSwap DEX presentation at Monerotopia 2023 has been published.

In a world where our liberties are increasingly curtailed by censorship, surveillance, and control, notably via the upcoming Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) — now confirmed by multiple nations — the need for collaborative efforts among privacy-centric projects is more urgent than ever.

The Private Finance Syndicate serves as an ideal example of such cooperation. Looking ahead, we are thrilled to deepen our collaboration with our partners at Navcoin and LunarDAO. Together, we aim to pool our expertise, knowledge, and resources to advocate for privacy technologies and collaboratively work toward their increased adoption within our society.

In the specific case of Particl, we look forward to integrate current and future PFS members into our ecosystem and its associated products (i.e., Particl Marketplace, BasicSwap DEX, SMSG 2.0, etc), furthering our mission of building a private and open digital economy for all, one that is entirely independent from the global fiat and CBDC system.

About Navcoin

Navcoin is a PriFi ecosystem, building privacy solutions from scratch, with a soon to be released privacy-enhanced Proof-of-Stake protocol.

In addition to the ability to transact anonymously and securely, Navcoin offers other features such as creating private versions of tokens created on pseudonymous blockchains. The team consists of idealists who consider privacy as one of the highest goods and are ready to fight for it.

About LunarDAO

LunarDAO is an upcoming investment fund running on the blockchain, with the aim to expand freedom and ensure sovereignty of the individual.

The team of LunarDAO, launched in 2023, consists of freedom & privacy-loving, long-time IT and cryptography experts who have made it their goal to financially support privacy projects in order to drive their growth, with a strong beliefe in community, decentralization and individual responsibility.