We announced back in February that Particl would be rocking a booth on the 13th of May to the 15th at Consensus 2019, the world’s largest and most popular blockchain conference. We’ll be at the conference demonstrating the Open Marketplace and raising awareness on the need for privacy and decentralization in the eCommerce sector. But as it turns out, we figured we wanted to get more out of our trip to New York City than just having our booth at Consensus 2019.

This is why we’re pretty thrilled to officially announce that Particl is also going to be manning a booth at the 2019 edition of Magical Crypto Conference (MCC), a blockchain conference organized by the “Magical Crypto Friends”, on the 11th and 12th of May.

Magical Crypto Friends is a collaboration between Charlie Lee, Samson Mow, Riccardo Spagni and WhalePanda. In October 2017 they came up with the idea of doing a podcast together which turned out to be a big success. Every month since then they’ve released a podcast which is an interesting combination of news, technical issues explained in a way that everyone can understand it and humour. In May 2018 the 4 friends all went to Consensus. After the initial shock of seeing so little technical content and so many scammy ICOs, they came up with the idea of doing Magical Crypto Conference: an affordable, content-driven conference aimed at both technical and less-technical people. — MagicalCryptoConference.com

Magical Crypto Conference is an event created in response to Consensus. Instead of focusing on sales pitches and fanfares like its counterpart, it showcases the advancement in the tech and the projects backing this global financial revolution that is cryptocurrencies.

It also assembles a top quality lineup of speakers composed of the best minds in the industry such as Adam Back, Andrew Poelstra, Charlie Lee, Elizabeth Stark, Jameson Lopp, Jimmy Song, Peter Todd, Riccardo Spagni, Samson Mow, only to name a few. In fact, MCC will boast an impressive lineup of more than 40+ speakers. It also attracts the top journalists and media outlets covering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Particl is going to be present at the conference with a booth to demonstrate the Open Marketplace to a crowd of cypherpunks, crypto & privacy enthusiasts, as well as tech junkies. What’s even more exciting is that the event will only have a handful of booths on display (less than 20), meaning each one of them will get more exposure without being flooded under a sea of seemingly random ICOs. The smaller scale of this event compared to Consensus allows for a much more intimate and personal experience with the true leaders behind the crypto movement.

If you’re going to Consensus and not the Magical Crypto Conference, you are doing it wrong. — Peter McCormack

Not only will this be a great moment to showcase the marketplace and the need for privacy in the eCommerce in front of a crowd of people that actually understands blockchain and Bitcoin, but it will also be a great moment to meet YOU there! In fact, MCC’s tickets are pretty affordable (currently $330). If you wanted to go to at least one event during the Blockchain Week NYC, this is the one that will most definitely give you the best bang for your buck.

We surely hope to see you there! Drop us a message on Discord if you plan on attending the event and we’ll make sure to meet up during the conference. This NYC trip is definitely shaping to be a great week for Particl and, as always, we’ll keep you updated with all the details!